Apple’s Safari Becomes Second Browser To Cross The One Billion User Mark But Its Popularity Is Well Behind Google’s Chrome

A report has highlighted how Apple’s Safari has crossed the one billion user mark and that officially makes it the second browser to accredit that fame to its name.

With that being said, we shouldn’t be celebrating too much because while the achievement is noteworthy, it still stands well behind Google Chrome, as far as popularity is concerned.

The study published by AtlasVPN mentioned how over a billion users on the web now use Safari for their routinely browsing activity. These statistics come to us by GlobalStats which highlighted the browser’s market share as a percent, which was later transformed into numbers with assistance from the Internet World Stats internet user that produces the exact figures.

Remember, Apple’s Safari is making head waves in the world market with its billion users it’s nowhere close to Google’s Chrome which has almost three times as many users. Moreover, it’s also interesting to point out how Microsoft Edge has exceeded so many people’s expectations and gone on to become the second most popular browser, with figures more than Apple’s Safari too.

As reported by the new research of AtlasVPN, Apple makes sure its browser gets installed across all of its devices including the different iPhones and the Mac computers. And that adds another major plus point as far as what software people might end up using.

In recent times, we’ve seen Apple bring forward some interesting features as far as privacy is concerned for its Safari browser. Other than that, we’ve witnessed in the last WWDC how the firm brought forward a brand new appeal that so many people believe hit the brinks in terms of being controversial.
But Apple had a totally different point of view in this regard. They claim that in general, they have two very separate goals with the new version being installed in the iOS 15. For starters, they hope to make controls easier to access and highlighted content at the forefront as well as the center.

In addition to that aspect, the firm says they’ve been able to add new privacy features that display which trackers on different sites were prevented from gaining access to users’ data.

Therefore, we are not going to be surprised to see Apple highlight more functionalities in terms of enhanced privacy for its browser.

The new report also sheds light on the rankings of this year for other browsers as well like Google Chrome, Samsung Internet, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

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