Mark Zuckerberg Gets Candid And Shares The Greatness Of The Metaverse With The World

As the Meta CEO began to speak, it was clear how he wished to show the world how things began quite simply with text and then evolved through websites into a social network. Slowly, we saw pictures being introduced, and then it was time for videos to enter the scene.

With time, things were becoming more and more immersive and that was a reality that we had to accept. As Zuckerberg says, he’s so honored and grateful to be given the opportunity to build the next frontier that’s in line with social interactions.

That’s where the metaverse comes in. It’s a product where people want to feel present and welcomed, as Zuckerberg adds.

When the term metaverse was first released, we heard so many people think so many different thoughts. While some assumed it was related to the future, others had no idea what to make of the phenomenon.

Hence, the Meta CEO is now sharing his thoughts on what users can expect and why the launch is something that’s sure to be worth your while.

For starters, Zuckerberg defined the metaverse as the future of tomorrow. This is in connection with evolution and how social networks will never be the same again- a valid successor for today’s mobile internet.

Similar to the web, the metaverse can be seen as a fixed array of digital spaces which a user can move within. You can connect with all sorts of groups, individuals, communities, and more. And the best bit is that you don’t have to be present physically to make the connection worthwhile.

That means it’s convenience of a whole new kind. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you get the same feeling as being in close proximity to another.

Be it work, social activity, playing, shopping, or just learning- the metaverse has everything at your disposal. And you might be shocked to learn how it converts classic 2D experiences with those seen as innovative 3D ones.

But how can one actually access the metaverse is one of the top questions worth a glance. See, the metaverse isn’t just restricted to gamers or even developers or content creators. It’s for the common man too and by the next decade, it hopes to expand and touch the lives of one billion people worldwide.

As you can imagine, the entire teamwork is what brings the dream work alive and that’s why Meta isn’t relying on just one company to make a difference and contribute but on the entire community of investors.

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