New Analysis Proves Apple Increased Worker Pay By 18% While Meta And Alphabet Pay The Most

A new analysis report by the Wall Street Journal spoke in regards to pay levels of 500 of the world’s leading companies who were studied in great detail.

And that’s where it was revealed how Apple had recently taken its pay levels for workers up a notch, almost 18%. This is being called out as a huge rise and much more than plenty of others that are involved in the index.

It also went about revealing in detail how Google and Facebook’s parent firms were actually the ones that happen to be paying the most when it came down to average pay scales.

The main purpose of this research was to shed light upon the average pay scale being offered at the world’s leading companies and while some of the results were complete shockers, others weren’t as much of a startling ordeal.

On average, employees at Apple are now getting nearly $68,500, which has been by nearly 18% when we look at the figures seen in the year 2020.

The median was the preferred mode of calculation used to make the average because the report felt the data’s mean could skew the results in terms of the grand salaries sent out to leading executives.

Therefore, with the median, you’re more likely to get a realistic guide as it's the mid-point of all calculations.

The report also highlighted how the figures from Apple were also skewed by various differences that arise between both retail as well as pay achieved through corporate. Hence, it wouldn’t be surprising to see lower pay scales in terms of retail industries while the corporate world would be much higher.

As far as a firm like Alphabet is concerned, you’re more likely to witness low-paid employees that bring down calculations like the median, since menial tasks are usually outsourced by others.

Keeping all of that aside for a short while, we can’t deny how the highest amount paid out was seen by both Alphabet as well as Facebook’s Meta.

The news comes despite the booming economy of today with a tightly regulated job market. We saw the median pay rise in the previous year, as mentioned in the new analysis.

On average, the median pay for employees at Google and Meta was nearly $300,000. And hence it was obvious how they became a part of the few 100 firms to send out paychecks exceeding the $100,000 mark.

Another interesting finding that we found from this report was related to the CEO payout ratio. This is generally used to assess the fairness in the pay structure for any firm. And when you actually look at things from that perspective, you might be surprised to learn how Apple is very poor.

However, this is not surprising for some when you look at things from the perspective of Tim Cook’s performance bonuses weighed out against the huge retail workforce.

Apple is therefore under immense pressure to enhance the pay of its workers, including the benefits and the providence of better conditions for working. Remember, the firm is also being called out for behaving aggressively when fighting different unions with some accusing it of breaking the law too.

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