Facebook Is On The Road To ‘Basic Ads’ Product Development That Does Not Rely On People’s Data

Meta’s Facebook is planning to create basic ad-related products that will not rely on data collection from users, thanks to its stringent privacy measures.

While the development has only reached its initial stages, for now, many are applauding the great efforts being taken on in terms of leaving anonymous personal information alone and focusing on other ways of designing the new venture.

The news was recently confirmed by two representatives hailing from ad agencies that spoke to Insider.

But what exactly does the firm mean by the term ‘basic ads’. Well, in accordance with engineers from Facebook, it’s all related to brand advertisers coming forward and creating more and more awareness while altering the perceptions of so many people along the way.

Meanwhile, one such buyer who is being called out by Insider says the new product is going to be valued for its greatness based upon some standard modes of metrics such as video views and great engagement value too.

In April of this year, we saw Vice mentioning how the company was busy creating a product and they planned on having it ready soon, most likely January for users hailing from Europe.

But what do we know now for sure is that the magic still has not happened and it’s nowhere to be seen as far as rollouts are concerned. Moreover, there are no updates in regards to when we will see the rollouts either.

And for users in the US, well, they’ll have to wait in line patiently, moments after the launch occurs in the EU.

This product would seem like a great source of competition for tools being used by different advertisers across the board that make use of Facebook.

For now, we know that the basic ads product will be dissimilar from the main aspect of Facebook’s classic advertising platform. And there are no guesses here because we are talking about the theory of granular targeting.

However, on the contrary, advertisements that continue to deliver will continue to receive the many dollars invested in them via Facebook, provided they follow the regulations of CCPA as well as the GDPR.

Remember, Apple has been working hard to prevent more and more advertisers from viewing how their ads appear on different working apps such as Facebook and that has to do with them asking for a user’s consent when collecting their data. And as you can probably guess by now, most of them chose to opt-out.

Recently, we saw Meta’s CEO speak out about TikTok’s rising competition and how new analysis shows that it’s proving to be a problem for the many ad challenges being faced by the company.

On the other hand, we’re also seeing Google making some much-needed changes that it feels can again prevent advertisers from targeting different groups of people.

Meta also spoke recently about how it hoped to create its ad business enterprise again, post the unveiling of its decline for this quarter in regards to active users.

Similarly, we also saw Meta cut back on its metrics that are available for its advertisers to thoroughly measure its campaigns. This means advertisers do have the free hand to make a follow-up on different types of information like leads, traffic, and sales but they will lack the chance to view metrics that show a generation of various leads.

Interestingly, TikTok appears to be moving in the opposite direction. It is keener on evaluating the effect of campaigns affiliated with retargeting and how it’s creating performance. If it works, we could well be seeing great investments from Facebook being given to TikTok.

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