Meta’s Latest Report Says The Way We Interact Has Changed Thanks To The Pandemic

The pandemic has really weighed heavily on so many of us. And as far as the world of technology is concerned, well, it wasn’t spared too.

A new report by Meta is shedding light on how we’ve all changed the way we interact, ever since the pandemic hit. Be it interactions conducted via face to face, an increase in remote learning, more online connections, intriguing aspects like audio rooms, and also the ability to meet up with those that mean the most through- the options are truly unlimited in terms of communications.

Slowly and surely, with the pandemic making its move out, we are all trying our best to get back to normal levels. But let’s face the reality, some things will never be the same again.

It’s easy to say that let’s stop and go back to the way things were but, in reality, that’s not possible nor is it too easy. Many of us have become accustomed to the new norm and as leading tech giant Meta says, things have changed forever or are becoming permanent shifts.

Therefore, these new changes aren’t too easy to adopt but the time has arrived for brands to make some major shifts in terms of communication. Moreover, they need to realize that users will now connect differently with a new frame of mind.

The new report by Meta comprises three parts. It’s quite obvious that the firm is on a mission to explore how demands for better human connections have really paved the way for a new kind of relationship.

Meta conducted a survey-based study that included 36,000 adults in more than 12 different markets. And that’s when they saw some unique key findings.

For starters, around 72% of those surveyed felt the pandemic gave them a rude awakening of who their closest friends and hence they were made to prioritize some over the others. Next, we saw young individuals make use of modern technology to enhance connections. However, many felt that technology is going to revolve further to give users a more personal connection when we move ahead in the future.

Similarly, the study also proved how the younger lot seemed to be more open in terms of immersive technology that could foster better connections. And lastly, around 37% of those who had been surveyed around the globe claim the pandemic made them reevaluate what their life’s true priorities are.

It’s not just personal relationships but Meta strongly feels that we’ll be seeing this extend into brand relationships too. This has to do with people on the lookout for bigger and deeper relationships with businesses. Hence, this could further give rise to new changes that allow for the build-up of the community and better connections.

Remember, change is inevitable and Meta knows that just like the rest of the world. The findings proved by this study aren’t too shocking, in fact, they were predicted.

A pandemic is always huge in magnitude and it will always manage to leave its lasting effects in one way or the next.
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