Meta’s Failed Photoshop Image Of Mark Zuckerberg Using Apple’s MacBook Goes Viral

Photoshop is a wonderful addition to the photo editing world but it’s quite evident that not everyone is great at achieving seamless results.

For instance, let’s take a look at the viral image of Mark Zuckerberg surrounded by McDonald’s and using the ever-so-famous Apple MacBook. But wait, as you know, the tech rivalry between Meta and Apple is one that cannot be forgotten.

Both companies and their respective CEOs never miss out on an opportunity to blast the other and in a world that’s full of competition, it only makes sense.

This week, the Meta CEO thought it would be a good idea to put up a post on his Facebook account that showed the world how glad he was to be celebrating a fast-food chain like McDonald’s joining the Workplace.

For those of you who may not be aware, the Workplace is another name given to a business platform that has everything included.

Now, the image is a strange one for several reasons. Firstly, you’ve got the CEO licking his lips after taking a bite of his scrumptious-looking meal. Secondly, you’ve got a MacBook right in front of his face that he appears to be working on.

But wait, here’s the catch. The laptop is missing its very famous shiny Apple logo so what does that mean? Was there a customized variant of the device created exclusively for the Meta CEO? Nope, but it was definitely an epic photoshop fail that you can’t unsee, even if you wished to.

We’ve got the company's PR team to blame for the blunder because, despite their attempts of making the laptop appear like it wasn’t a creation of Apple, they failed miserably.

While the thought of Mark Zukerberg using an Apple device might not sound like a major deal to some, well, let’s put the facts straight in front of you.

The CEO has ordered all of its employees and executives from Facebook to only make use of Android phones after we last saw Tim Cook blasting Zuckerberg’s firm for handing data belonging to different users.

Facebook blatantly denied all of those allegations, adding how it likes to promote its own products but has never stopped its members from using Apple devices.

Zuckerberg and Cook have been at each other’s throats plenty of times. While some are caught by the media’s eyes, others are dealt with privately. The most recent was an allegation by Cook on how Meta prefers engagement over user’s privacy.

Hence, we can understand the tensions and rifts and why Meta tried to hide the Apple logo. We only wish they could end up doing a better job next time.

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