Meta Is Launching New Parental Supervision Tools For Its Quest VR Headsets

We have heard plenty of information about Meta’s VR headsets and their launch but this next update is definitely something that is sure to make so many parents happy.

The leading tech company is now launching some new parental supervision tools for all of its Quest VR headsets.

This will be accompanied by educational resources that assist parents to guard their children when they’re exposed to the virtual atmosphere.

The news comes as the world of virtual reality continues to take center stage and move in an upward direction.

But with the good does come the bad and we guess that is how life rolls. Recently, quite a few people around the globe were left shocked and dumbfounded when a female avatar had been sexually harassed in the Metaverse.

The growing concerns of so many parents began to creep and therefore Meta is now making sure it is taking people’s reservations seriously because, at the end of the day, nothing is more important for a launch than the target market involved.

Tech analysts had previously sounded the alarm when such reports were publicized because it was clear that Meta needed to step in before it had serious impacts.

This innovative parental control comes in the form of a dashboard that is built inside headsets. If you remember, these went on display in March of this year.

With parents in command, they will now be the ones regulating what their children are watching or downloading and also what they’re buying. In the same way, parents will be given full authority to block any apps they find to be threatening or content that is age-inappropriate.

Similarly, parents will the gauging screen-time and keep a strict eye on who their kids are befriending because, in today’s day and age, connections can either make you or break you so you need to have the right company.

Meanwhile, teenage users will be forced to initiate any parental links with their accounts so that they’re clear about the entire system.

We believe that is a true incentive when it comes down to providing parents with peace that their children are surrounded by nothing but positivity. Meta knows that soon more and more people are going to be spending time within virtual reality environments.

For this reason, an added level of protection was definitely the call of the day and it appears like Meta is providing parents with just that.

Another interesting policy is how account holders of Meta’s Quest headset will need to be 13 and above. We know that not everyone is going to be restricting themselves to just that but that’s the minimum age limit that’s set.

But wait, Meta is not stopping just there. The company mentioned how it is unveiling another interesting feature on Quest called the Parental Education which will serve as a hub. This will entail a number of guides to the VR parental supervision section and tools allotted for it.

It makes sense why Meta is putting so much effort, at the end of it all. Remember, if the current use of social media and online engagement is having a negative impact on youngsters, you can only imagine it getting verse in a VR setup.

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