WhatsApp Will Soon Issue Alerts To Users About Their Missed Calls

Leading messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a new update that will soon inform users about their missed calls.

The new change will come via an API that issues alerts about any calls that users may have missed. At the start, you can expect the change to be rolled out for iPhone users with business accounts.

And when things go according to plan, we’ll soon be seeing the new update make its way down to the rest of the users.

Only recently we notice the company release an update that paved the way for business account holders to rename any linked devices.

Now, the new alert feature for missed calls is going to work if business account holders have activated their ‘do not disturb’ functionality.

We’re getting more information about this new update that’s still in the pipeline, thanks to Wabetainfo. They claim the new feature will be extremely useful in helping so many people realize why they actually missed any calls at the start.

But that’s only when if they have the support mode of do not disturb activated on both Android as well as iOS.

Those seeing their calls being silenced with a do not disturb mode could potentially be on the non-compatible version for iOS. Perhaps another reason could be related to the update not yet being rolled out for their particular kind of account.

According to information gained from Wabetainfo, users not getting WhatsApp calls due to their alerts being switched off from the don’t disturb feature have nothing to worry about. This is because they will witness a new label featured aligned with their call’s history. Hence, this will be a great reminder about missed calls that may have been silenced along the way.

Thankfully, none of these details or information specs will be shared with the person dialing you or the company itself. Therefore, you’ll only find it saved in the app’s own database.

Also, another important pointer worth noting is related to how users need at least an iPhone 15 for the feature to work as the update is designed for this series and above.

Most likely the platform will be providing support for the new update by the end of this week. Moreover, iPhone users need to keep their eyes out as the update will soon be launched on the App Store soon.

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