WhatsApp Rolls Out Android To iPhone Chat Transfers

WhatsApp is allowing users the ability to transfer their chat history from their Android devices to their iPhone devices. The news comes just one year after the company opted to unveil iPhone to Android transfers. Therefore, now you can think of it as a two-way transfer for chats.

This new feature was recently announced by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg who made the information public via his Facebook post.

Early signs for the new functionality were first spotted by WABetainfo and it is believed the launch will be restricted to Beta for now.

The news is being welcomed with open arms because it gets rid of one huge issue of WhatsApp - the mission impossible of transferring chats from two different smartphone systems.

Remember, it was seen to be very easy to transfer chats from iPhones to iPhones or Android to Android but not the same when two different systems were involved. So thankfully, this is the change that many were in favor of.

But you need to remember that this new update will solely work across new iPhone variants and it is known to make use of the famous Move to iOS application for all those Android devices. This Apple application assists in shifting contacts, making calendar entries, and allowing for text message transfer as well.

All you need to do is click on the move data from Android button while setting up your iPhone and once it is set completely, open up the app and sign in to your account. You’ll immediately see your Android chats being restored on your iPhone.

To make sure the transfer is up and running, you need at least the Android 5 version on your smartphone as well as the iOS 15.5 on iPhones too. But there is some bad news if you have some iOS chat history that still exists because the new Android chats will surely be overwriting them.

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