LinkedIn is working on these new features, including improved messaging

It's been twenty years since the famous social networking site for hiring people, LinkedIn, was launched.

The platform is used by professionals for career development and is also used by both job finders and employers, who can post their CVs or mention vacant spots for hiring, respectively.

To keep the platform running and ensure that it keeps up to date with everything as well as providing features that will make things more accessible for the users, LinkedIn keeps adding new features or modifying the existing ones.

According to Nima Owji, an app researcher and developer who reveals upcoming features of many popular applications, LinkedIn is working on three different features that will be meant to make the experience more user-friendly.

As per the tweets posted by Nima, LinkedIn will be introducing the "Post a Job for Free" option on the navigation bar. The main idea behind bringing this feature into more common sight is to make this whole procedure as simple as possible.

Another feature which keeps showing up frequently is a post reminder when anyone who is being followed by the users reposts anything on their profile. This repost notification will play an important role in ensuring that the post reaches the maximum number of users. The idea behind bringing a post instantly to other users' profiles seems to have been adopted from the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Twitter’s Retweet option and LinkedIn’s “instantly bring post” apparently seem to look alike, but it will be clear once the feature starts rolling out.

Lastly, a very important update is to divide the messages for improved productivity. Messages on LinkedIn will now be divided just like they are on e-mail. They will be available under the heading of Focused and others. This will be a very useful update for those who frequently receive messages on their profile and it becomes hard for them to identify which message is important and which is not. Once these portions are created, the receiver will be able to classify messages to make things more convenient.

All that’s left to see now is when these features will roll out and how long will it take for them to be available globally.

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