Instagram To Launch ‘Gentle Nudge’ That Encourages Teens To See Different Topics On The Explore Page

There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is a popular app among the teenage age bracket and that’s probably one of the reasons why its next update plans on targeting them.

How often do we all tend to get stuck on seeing the content of a particular kind or type and hence do end up getting fixated on it? As weird as it sounds, we’re all guilty of it, some more than others.

And to help break that habit away, Instagram is on its way with a new rollout that nudges teens in a way that helps them move on while scrolling or exploring.

This particular notification will go live in a number of different regions as it encourages the younger generation to adopt diversity and look at the vast topics on display, instead of focusing on just one in particular.

This nudge, as the company is referring, is going to make users move by providing recommendations about something unique or innovative. The whole idea is to promote positivity and avoid an excess of anything because that’s never a good idea.

Thankfully, the app has made it clear that it will not be including posts associated with a person’s self-image or perhaps a comparison made with appearances because again, that’s just harming yourself.

The company publicly released a statement, justifying its new actions. It confirmed how the new nudge could be super effective in assisting different individuals including teenagers in particular.

The whole idea is to make them aware of how they are using social media during that particular moment.

Meanwhile, a study was also conducted in this regard. That proved how 59% of users surveyed were confident that nudges would make the entire scrolling/exploration procedure so much better.

This has to do with a simple fact. The more the nudges, the more you realize where you are spending your time on social media and it just helps you stay on track while you’re on the platform.

Instagram’s own personal research has managed to show the same where one in 5 users that received a nudge was better able to switch to other topics on the app.

It seems like Instagram is on a roll. Just last month, we saw an update that spoke about the app changing its overall look with the arrival of a new logo and typeface. And the change was thoroughly welcomed with open arms.

Soon after that, we saw an update about fundraisers being included with Amber Alerts so this is clear proof that the app wants to take care of its youngsters.

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