Meta Is Taking More Innovative Steps To Make Its VR Environments More Interactive

It’s all about the metaverse these days and Meta is making sure they’re prioritizing the famous virtual platform for their users by doing everything they can to make the experience worthwhile.

Think along the lines of the initial steps that the team is now carrying out to have the VR environment super interactive and that comes with a rollout of a feature where users can invite their friends into their own personalized Horizon Home.

The company has provided its users with a unique overview of what they can expect and we believe they’ve managed to do a great job at just that.

This is being hailed as a modern way to increase interactions and carry out more connections despite being in the VR surrounding. Now you can watch movies, play games, or just go out on an exploration with your friend too- the choice is all yours.

The company recently released a public statement on its new features, adding how the Home has usually been viewed by many as a transitory space but in reality, it’s one of the first things that so many users notice when they wear their Quest headset.

Meta has always mentioned that they planned on making the Home a familiar place that users could return to after they’ve explored the environment. And that’s why they’re bringing forward this new update that is in line with their future vision and goals.

Meta hopes to roll out the ability to introduce and invite friends on Horizon soon so people could ‘hang out’ and we believe the idea is brilliant and very logical because there’s no fun when you’re just a group of one.

Yes, the platform is still in its introductory stages but we feel that planning is the most important part and while the avatars may not have legs, signs of the new update highlight Meta’s vision in terms of what users can expect from a social standpoint.

The VR adoption is still a far-fetched approach but we hope Meta’s hard work pulls through because the company foresees a day where people will no longer too busy checking their phones when they have a virtual environment nearby.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Meta’s framework is definitely taking center stage and this new update will be used as an interactive tool. But at the same time, the company might want to consider adding more collaborations and options to customize avatars so that each identity is unique within that confined space.

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