Instagram Users Feel The App Is Losing Its Touch And Stopped Caring About Content That Matters

Many are looking at Instagram as a world that’s spiraling downwards and it’s all thanks to the increasing amount of sponsored content.

The app was once a favorite for so many while others even went as far as calling it the ideal waiting room application. But then, all of a sudden we hear about ads, ads, and more ads.

We understand that the app needs to make money but it’s getting to the point where some are referring to it as beyond ridiculous.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that to actually reach stuff that you’d like to see, the app makes you scavenge through mountains of ads and content that’s sponsored and it’s not the best feeling in the world.

Hence, it is now making sense as to why so many people are now throwing their hands in the air and saying they’ve certainly had enough. Yes, the patience and tolerance levels are certainly different for all but we feel the theme is common for many users.

Social media users thought it would be a good idea to test the phenomenon that Instagram doesn't care about its users anymore. Simply open up the app and you’ll be welcomed to the world of suggested content, ads, and sponsored content as your top 10 to 16 posts.

To actually reach an account that you’re actually following, you’ll find the need to scroll down against six ads. Clearly, it’s an aggressive struggle and we wouldn’t be wrong to say that things are getting worse now than they were a while ago.
If you think it couldn’t get worse than that, wait, there’s more. If you happen to view a few posts on fitness and food, the algorithms continuously put them as suggestions and the ads related to them are just as annoying.

There is no to very minimal variety in this endeavor and we sometimes tend to feel the app’s algorithms might be getting missed signals or completely missing out on what our interests may be accurate.

These reports we’re getting aren’t only our personal feelings but they’re published Reddit threads that are speaking in detail about this. People want to know why has the app’s feed become so bad.

As one user on Reddit boldly mentioned, more than 50% of the posts were related to accounts that she’s not even following. And the ones that she does tend to follow, well, the content from that is much less in comparison.

People are getting restless because at the end of it all, how many of these bad ads are too many most importantly, does Instagram really care?

And if you feel that it couldn’t get worse, well, fellow app Facebook seems to be following in its footsteps too. There’s a unique 3:2 ratio for ads and promoted content. There are ads everywhere, thankfully not to the severe extent shown by Instagram but it’s there and perhaps it’s giving us a clear warning of what we should be expecting.

Now, can you as a user actually help in this regard? Well, yes but not too much.

To help rid the massive influx of sponsored content, how about clicking on the tiny white arrow that’s situated near the app’s logo. This lets you see content that you as a user have selected as your favorites.

Secondly, another tip might be to subscribe to an unofficial version of the app that is solely restricted to Android users only. This rids all the ads as a whole but on the flip side, you might be increasing your chances of getting malware.

For now, we just hope Instagram can redeem its tarnished position because, by the looks of it, it’s not a pleasurable experience for sure.

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