Instagram is releasing a new feature that will allow users to make Bitmoji style avatars

Instagram has long been the most favorite socialization app of users, especially Generation Z. Ever since its release it has been gaining users with an increasing speed. Of course features, interesting ones have played an important role in achieving that. New interesting features with every update kept the users invested in the app and lured new ones toward it.

One such new feature is being worked upon at the Instagram headquarters. The feature will allow users to create an avatar or digital replica of themselves that could be used to send responses to stories. This is part of Meta’s main goal, to include virtual reality and make it accessible on every one of their platforms. They are following through with it with features like 3D avatars on Facebook, Messenger and within stickers on Instagram.

As first spotted by Pururaj Dutta, some users have been seeing a choice between avatar or emoji when they swipe up to send a reaction to the story. When they click on the avatar they would be required to create one only if they haven’t already and then will get an array of custom response stickers featuring their avatar.

This can also be seen as another attempt from Meta’s side to get more and more users to create digital avatars which is a part of Meta’s broader push to turn this into a habitual interaction and to change the way of representation on the internet. This will also help Meta to sell digital things on a much evolving Scale.

On another note NFTs are also becoming more and more common nowadays. Even though the NFT fever has died down a little, many people are still crazily buying them. They are buying NFTs more out of fear that they will be left out of the next revolution like the people who brushed off Facebook, Twitter and other apps. But the question is, are they worth it? Because pictures that can’t be placed nor seen in the physical world don’t have much value. Except for bragging rights it can’t do much for a person living in the physical world.

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