Multiple Device VPNs Aren’t As Useful As You Think: New Study Debunks VPN Myths

A common question asked by so many users is how essential are multiple device VPNs in today’s time. And you just might be surprised to learn how the majority of those already using this ‘handy’ feature actually go as far as claiming that they don’t need it.

In general, when you come across VPN services in the market, we’re all out there in search of the best. After all, you’re paying so much money for what. Remember, there are some characteristics that truly separate the best from the rest.

What do users have to say about their VPN connections?

As far as VPNs are concerned, the best security features are always a point worth your consideration. This accompanied by strong encryption and policies that ensure stricter log-ins can really boost your security across different devices at any point in time.

But over the last few years, we’ve seen so many devices grow and there are some leading services offering multiple connections for users to benefit from. These subscriptions entice users into thinking that one VPN connection is enough to cover all of your leading devices.

Be it laptops, television streamers, computers, phones, routers, and more- the list is endless. But what so many of us fail to realize is that we just might not be needing this feature because most VPN users aren’t using every single one of these connections.

A report by Future and TechRadar seemed to be on a mission to survey readers and their choice of VPN connection preferences. And it was interesting to note how only 11% of the respondents actually made use of VPNs across five separate devices or more. Similarly only 3 out of 5 users made use of the VPN service across three or fewer devices. So, now the big question arises. Do we all really need that many connections?

When users from the research were surveyed about how important of a decision it was to select your provider based on the number of connections given, more than 50% responded by selecting the very important option.

So what the research concluded from all of this was that while many don’t use their VPN on multiple devices, those that give more connections as a part of their offer are definitely preferred by users as it gives them an added sense of value during VPN provider selection.

From this study, it’s quite obvious that simultaneous connections in unlimited amounts are a feature that tickled quite a few people’s fancies. But in addition to that, the study also saw 75% of respondents claiming a wide range of great apps on offer is another quintessential aspect of a good operating system.

This could be for VPN services belonging to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, smart TVs, gaming systems, or Linux too.

On the other hand, the research by TechRadar also came across another remarkable finding in regards to the pricing of products. Around 70% of those that were surveyed informed the researchers about how willing they would be to pay more money in return for a greater level of protection on offer.

Are all VPN connections the same?

It’s not uncommon to find so many people utterly confused about which VPN connection is the best or which one best suits their needs. Therefore, the study thought it would be a good idea to list them down in terms of the number of connections on offer.

As far as ratings are concerned, at the top of the list comes ExpressVPN. While it might be limited to just five devices, it’s still deemed to be more than enough for users, not to mention the low price point on offer. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to align it with other leading providers like Hotspot Shield or TunnelBear.

If you talk about generosity in terms of connections, we’ve got NordVPN which offers six, and Proton VPN and PIA offering 10. But the most flexible ones from the lot include those that offer unlimited devices being connected simultaneously. And the award for that goes to IPVanish as well as Surfshark.

After seeing the results of this study, we can conclude one thing. People are slowly realizing that it’s not always quantity that matters but quality with functionality that is a true deciding factor when choosing the right VPN connection.

And that’s why we recommend leading game players in the market to focus on pressing features instead of increasing the allowance of devices.

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