Facebook is removing the hide lists from friends setting and it might pose as a disadvantage

Facebook is an app, which, from a social media application for fun content and chatting has grown to a whole different world. The platform now hosts so many other great activities and business opportunities’ which has helped it to grow and evolve with the modern world of today.

The application has long since been a place where people can buy or sell their goods either by using live to showcase their product and DMs to take orders or using the Facebook Marketplace. The Marketplace is one of Facebook’s most recent updates and has helped business flourish and users find a means of selling online. So, how does this market place work? The listing or the product prices could always be a point of judgment especially between friends and family who might have different opinions.

So in order to combat this Facebook launched a feature called “Hide Listings from Friends''. This feature did exactly as the title said, it let the user hide their price lists from the people in their Facebook friend list. But now that feature is going away as reported by Ahmed Ghanem on Twitter Tuesday morning.

In a screenshot posted by Ghanem a message from Facebook said that this feature is going away, however that will not affect the users existing listings and they can still hide specific lists from their friend list when they create a new one using another setting.

This new step might be a disadvantage for the user as their family might not be in favor of the pricing that the user has decided or they might have been giving to the fried for less and seeing the actual price list might make them feel embarrassed. Also they might get hate and unwanted advice on pricing from people whom they don’t want advice from.

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