Instagram To Soon Launch New Updates Including Hiding The Number Of Followers On User Accounts And Cropping Posts On Profiles

The popular social media app Instagram is working on a number of updates that would soon be coming into play.

The news comes through an avid tech enthusiast named Alessandro Paluzzi who revealed some screenshots on Twitter.

Firstly, Instagram is experimenting with the idea to allow users to disguise the number of followers on their account profiles.

The news took Twitter by storm with many users commenting on Alessandro’s thread with questions as to what the actual purpose of such an update may be.

And that’s when replies started coming in relating to how the move was in line with the same reason the app allows users to disguise the number of likes on their posts. It’s simple, some users just feel a lot more comfortable while limiting these kinds of information.

But others didn’t sound convinced and they felt the app was becoming less transparent by the way and hence there just might be a day coming soon where the app would be introducing features that disguise everything.

Privacy issue or not, we’ll just have to wait for the launch of the update to see the response of users on this one.

On the other hand, we’ve got some more news about another leading update that Instagram users can benefit from and that’s relating to a feature that allows users to crop how their post appears after they’ve published on your user profile.

Thankfully, this one doesn’t appear to be questioned too much by users who feel it’s just another way of making things appear slightly more organized or customized on the profile in general.

For now, there are no official updates on when we can expect such updates to roll in but we’ll keep you posted whenever they do.

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