Elon Musk Feels Humans Are Underrated As Tesla Criticized For Using Too Many Robots Instead Of ‘Real People’

We bet you’re quite familiar with the phenomenon of robots taking over the world. And we surely won’t be surprised to see that happening too soon, considering the fast-paced digital world that we’re all accustomed to.

As it is, artificial intelligence is ruling today’s world, and as more and more research uncovers the great benefits of this ordeal, there’s bound to be a lot of change taking place by 2025.

But the real question on our minds is how much is too much? Do we really want a world that replaces humans altogether? Are we ready to say hello to all things automated?

On one end of the spectrum, we’ve got no questions being asked in terms of artificial intelligence replicating the human mind and body in terms of labor. Yes, it’s a great development and we don’t mind seeing automation taking command of some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous jobs.

Similarly, so many processes are getting simplified and that enhances a user’s experience in general. Be it data processing or even intricate execution, your algorithms are your strength and when a firm is nailing that aspect, there are no complaints.

As mentioned by one leading research by Tradeshift, machines are excelling at their game and in the end, they’ll be the ones providing great solutions for mankind.

But with the positives come the negative and while technology can be great, programming a robot to perform a skill can be a daunting task. And you certainly can’t expect any human to get the job done right because there is very little room to work with.

Imagine a world where humans train robots and robots perform tasks for the betterment of humans- what a unique world indeed.

The news comes as we’re being made aware of how Elon Musk’s Tesla failed to meet its yearly target for production. And that’s when we saw the CEO come forward and admit that there was one robot too many in the firm, despite the fact that everything is super technical.

But Musk conveniently shifted the blame to robots in general, adding how everything was super automated in his company. Thankfully, the billionaire says it’s a mistake that he acknowledges and now his Tesla Model 3 is suffering. This was closely followed by another statement on Twitter where he revealed that humans were underrated and definitely deserved so much more credit than they’re given,

Before this fiasco of Tweet exchange on the platform, we saw Musk boasting how automation was the name of the game and that meant he had no choice but to rely on his robots to get on board with effective vehicle production.

He also felt that is the edge that gives his organization an upper hand against other rivals in the market. But that again makes any sane person wonder how the underproduction of Tesla model 3 was due to robots, despite them being so efficient.

Look, we believe that no matter how hard and well you train your robots, they’ll never be as efficient as humans and their hard and soft skills. After all, not everyone has the ability to implement the world of AI with great success.

Those that believed they could solely rely on AI in the past have failed with their project designs miserably and if that’s not a wake-up call, then we’re not quite sure what is.

In general, we feel that if robots don’t have humans in the workplace, they just might end up merging with them to establish a new form of a human in augmented shape.

Today, humans are being enhanced via plastic surgery to look a certain way or behave in a certain manner, thanks to the world of drugs that empower humans' skills and their performance in general.

Soon, we’re going to be seeing humans connecting their minds to different networks performing online. We’re also going to be seeing genetic engineering take a new turn while bioprinting in 3D is another aspect worth the glance.

But how ethical is human enhancement? Are we okay with brain chips being implemented into our minds? Clearly, we don’t think it’s normal because you’re de-tracking the mind from doing something that they were planning to do.

Meanwhile, we’re also hearing science experts say we won’t be having any decision-making power soon as everything will lie in the hands of robots. For now, we just hope AI is used for the betterment of society and not the exact opposite.

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve been fired because a robot was better than you, had more skills than you, or if the robot felt you just were not fit for the job.

We might be getting too far ahead of ourselves with this debate and for now, we’re just hoping Musk and others start to value humans before it’s too late.

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