Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Reveals Why Privacy And Its Related Issues Matter So Much To Him

In the past few years, we’ve seen Apple take center stage and be called out for its great concerns relating to privacy.

Therefore, it only made sense why the CEO was questioned on the subject during his recent interview that was held at this year’s Time 100 Summit.

Just last month, we saw the CEO receive great fame and recognition after he was adorned with the title of being one of the top 100 most influential individuals for this year. And that came with a heads up about how he would soon be invited to speak his thoughts during the summit.

Privacy has always been at the top of the Apple CEO’s agenda. Cook is a fan of speaking on the matter and is never shy to provide his two cents on the debate.

This year in February, in honor of world data privacy day, we saw Tim Cook elaborate upon how losing privacy could be compared to losing out on your rights to freedom. He went on to add that it’s just not okay to sell out everything in our lives if we don’t want to.

Cook says we don’t need to lose our data to strangers so they can benefit while claiming that it’s equivalent to losing the freedom of being human.

The following month, Tim Cook mentioned how losing out on your privacy is similar to losing out on being a human. And when you come to think of it, it’s similar to two very different kinds of futures.

One is related to the digital world unraveling the true potential of humanity via a creative basis. This pushes you forward to endless possibilities. Next, there’s a new era where you’re going to be exploiting technology to rob humans of humanity through privacy infringements. And if you look at it, this is a huge loss that not many are willing to accept.

As Tim Cook says, living in a world without any type of privacy is like saying hello to being less human with poor creativity and fewer emotions.

So what exactly did the Apple CEO say at the Time Summit this year?

Well, Cook started off by expanding on this same privacy theme. He feared the worse for humankind because it soon looked like a time was going to arrive when they felt held back and started to think and behave in a different fashion altogether.

He added that today’s modern world is all about embracing digital technology and that comes with the drawback of being tracked all of the time. Similarly, he added how much he feared losing out on privacy rights because everyone was being surveilled.

For that reason, people’s behavior begins to alter and as a result, you start doing less and thinking less. Before you know it, your way of thinking changes and you just restrain yourself from being the best version of your true self.

The Apple CEO further elaborated on how difficult of a debate it was to make others realize that others have no business owning their personal data. Moreover, it’s hard to make people understand that no organization that conveniently steps in and vacuums up your information because that is your right and no one else’s.

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