Google Admits Employing Machine Learning To Make Products Like Chrome Browsers Safer

Search engine giant Google is coming out in the open about how it has been busy making the most of machine learning to better its products’ performance.

The tech giant says one of the biggest ways that it has been able to make online browsing through Chrome safer and limit phishing attacks is through machine learning. And so far, it’s super proud of its performance.

In March of this year, the company publicly unveiled a new model for machine learning that would work on its devices directly. And that had the ability to counteract phishing attacks by nearly 2.5 times. This included preventing malicious websites from taking a toll on Chrome browsers.

Google admitted that the difference it made was revolutionary as it not only provided enhanced protection for users but their data too.

Now, the tech giant says it’s trying its best to use this model to try and combat some of the most annoying requests that are provided by various websites to release notifications to users.

The machine model can be customized so users receive helpful updates from useful sites but on most occasions, they can be annoying so if you’re on the search of ridding them altogether, Google is working on it too.

Google’s Chrome can already make future predictions about when users aren’t keen on delivering any form of page alerts. Moreover, they can then block them on an automatic basis, providing the user with great convenience in the end.

The company says that the latest model of machine learning will be a part of the new Chrome and it will be able to control these predictions on users’ devices too.

We also have some great news about Google planning on making better use of machine learning models for the improvements of its Google Chrome Toolbars. Yes, the company says they’re trying to make it all the more useful, depending on the task that you happen to be engaged in currently.

For instance, you can see it highlighting different voice search selections, in case you are a fan of that and perform it on a daily basis.

Those interested in catching up on the world of trending news can use the toolbar’s option for sharing so you can do it while you’re traveling and wish to send out links to your close pals or loved ones.

We agree that this new functionality is not a majorly trending update but we feel it’s a great start and incredibly convenient as it saves time for some of the most common tasks that we’re all engaged in.

Google will soon even allow users to manually change its toolbar so stay tuned!

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