Apple Unveils Complete List Of iOS 16 Supported iPhones

A new year means saying hello to the latest version of the iOS. And today we saw tech giant Apple unveil in front of the world its iOS 16 and what users can expect.

Alongside this came a new and comprehensive list of iPhones that would be able to run the iOS 16. Therefore, if you happen to be the owner of an iPhone you just might want to give the list a glance, making sure you’re aware of the time when you can actually get your hands on it. But first things first, you need to check if your device is actually eligible or not.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, iPhones are doing a fabulous job at maintaining their lifespan and Apple deserves all the credit in the world in this regard.

Be it routine software updates and more, it’s definitely a great point worth noting how the company always seems to be going the extra mile. But as you know, not everything will last a lifetime and change is inevitable.

As far as the iOS 16 is concerned, the support available is decent, to say the least. The company is actually going as far as including devices from the year 2017 in terms of eligibility for an update.

Without a doubt, the cutoff for the year-end release seems to be the iPhone 7 and its 7 plus variant. But to be more specific, we’re writing down the list of phones that will be running the new iOS 16 upgrade.

This includes iPhone 13 series including the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max. In the same way, iPhone 12 series includes the mini, Pro, Pro Max, and the iPhone 11 series including the Pro and Pro Max versions.

Other phones making their way to the list include iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone SE which is a second-generation variant and onwards.

On the other hand, Apple has mentioned how not every single functionality provided by the new iOS 16 will receive support from each device that has been mentioned on this particular list. And that’s a little surprising for some considering the fair amount of coverage received as a whole.

Let’s take the dictation feature that’s a part of the upgrade. This won’t work everywhere as it needs the A12 bionic system for it to function as a bare minimum. Hence, those with at least an iPhone XR or maybe an XS would be eligible.

Another common feature announced in the new version is the Live Text and that again requires a similar Bionic by Apple so those that have devices below the bare minimum requirement cannot benefit from them as it’s the hardware that makes all the difference sometimes.

Remember, iOS continues to get more advanced with each passing day. And we’ll be seeing this pattern continue with time. Hence, you really need a certain iPhone to make the most of these new experiences. But with that being said, some features will still be on offer to all users like the new lock screens, enhanced Wallet features, revamped Home app, and SharePlay too.

The new iOS 16 will be released by the end of this year but we can expect trials with developers to precede.

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