Apple Rumored To Launch Its Own Search Engine As Early As Next Week As Company Gears Up For Major Changes Ahead Of The WWDC

With the WWDC just days away, many were curious to know what tech giant Apple had up its sleeve in regards to some notable changes that we can expect.

Amongst these comes a rumor about Apple’s new search engine that could potentially see a launch as early as next week as confirmed by Robert Scoble.

He says that Apple has a lot of innovative things planned including some major updates but as far as the world of web search is concerned, we can definitely expect the new search engine that would be on its way soon.

The news came as an announcement by Robert through his Twitter handle, alongside a side note of humor where he added, “Will Siri get smart or not?” Other than that, what we do know is that there are some exciting things planned as far as augmented reality is concerned, perhaps a new pair of Apple glasses could soon be coming our way.

We’ve seen over the past few years how Apple has been keen on entering this field and how serious it has been. But the fact that it has never worked out too well makes one wonder what they’re up to this time that could prove to be a great change.

Remember in 2014, we saw the launch of Apple Spider- the Applebot. The following year, we witnessed the company going as far as listing down its search ranking in terms of factors with complete provision of agent details.

Now there are plenty of questions on our minds. Does the launch of a new search engine give rise to Siri getting smarter at answering users’ questions or do we see them crawling or indexing their way into the world wide web with a bigger motive?

If that’s the case, how fast can we expect the new search engine to compete with the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft, and Bing? And if the answer is soon, then will the platform manage to gather a share away from Google along the way?

We bet your mind is wandering in the same direction as us and there are plenty of questions that need answers. For now, we’d just like to remind you that Google sent out funds to Apple in 2021 accounting for $15 billion so it could be the default choice for search engines through Apple’s Safari. Clearly, this is a position that Google is not willing to give up, at any cost.

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