Buyers Are Being Manipulated Into Purchasing Video Game ‘Loot Boxes’ For Large Sums Of Money

A new report is gaining massive fame after consumer groups are referring to gaming loot boxes as the most manipulative and exploitative maneuver ever.

These virtual boxes are designed keeping the gambling theme in mind because buyers can’t know the exact contents of what’s inside until and unless they make a purchase or play the game.

Meanwhile, there are some that are being considered acceptable, thanks to the useful tools inside or perhaps a range of extra features on offer, but when it comes down to the majority, that’s not the case as they’re mostly useless.

The report that’s come to light is from the Consumer Council in Norway which claims the giant chests are nothing but deceiving and manipulative in design. Moreover, previously we saw the boxes being called out by the EA as Kinder Surprise or kids' toys.

Meanwhile, the digital policy director for the NCC says there’s plenty of consumer exploitation going on at the moment and they’re involving predator-based mechanisms through both its sales as well as its overall outlook.

In the end, it fosters nothing but addiction and puts the most vulnerable consumers of the lot as targets.

With more than 20 consumer unions in over 18 different nations receiving support for the new report, it’s high time that local governments take appropriate measures to tackle such incidents via strict regulation measures. And that includes the Consumer Organization in Europe- a body designed to voice the thoughts, issues, and opinions of many in Europe, including the UK.

In the same way, it’s not shocking to see the report outlining the boxes as overly aggressive and predatory because that’s how the whole system has been designed. It’s done to play with users’ minds and get them to make purchases that aren’t worthwhile for obvious reasons.

And the fact that quite a few of the practices are now targeting young kids says so much.

Now, a new debate is arising in different parts of the world, relating to how the loot boxes are nothing short of gambling. We saw in 2018 how the boxes for video gamers were actually violating the different legislations in place for gambling.
And in the FIFA was seen dropping its virtual currency in that part of the world. Therefore, that in other words is another way of saying how loot boxes could only be earned through player modes such as the Ultimate Team.

The following year, we saw nations like the Netherlands speak about the same concerns and that’s when it lashed out at publisher EA with a mega 8.5 million euro fine. But in March of this year, the startling decision had been overturned when the EA was deemed not guilty of breaking any laws, and hence the fine was taken back.

In 2019, the EA vice president even defended the firm’s decision to utilize loot boxes as it felt they were nothing less than Kinder Egg surprises.

But interestingly, during that same year, we saw the producer of Fortnite allows its players access to view what was inside the box, right before they made any purchase.


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