Apple’s iOS 16 Will Soon Be Adding An ‘Always-On’ Display Feature For iPhones

While the WWDC 2022 might just be seven days away, we’re getting more Apple updates about some interesting features and how the company could soon be announcing them in the upcoming conference for developers.

Thanks to Mark Gruman from Bloomberg, who highlighted the news in his Power On feature, we’re getting details about Apple has plenty to share in regards to its iOS 16. This includes some major upgrades for iPhones and their lock screens.

According to Gruman, the latest version of Apple’s iOS 16 has splendid wallpapers and some interesting widget functionalities.

Other than that, the new iOS 16 operating system will also showcase a display feature that stays on all of the time.

At the start, the rollout would be restricted to just the firm’s iPhone pro devices. Therefore, the new update would enable such devices to display different notifications and an array of other information worth a glance.

This way, users would no longer need to wake up their entire display, similar to the feature that’s currently available on all android phones. And as you can expect, this was a feature that was much anticipated.

Apple did previously mention how it planned on adding it to the iPhone 13 model in the previous year but due to a sudden change of plans, it couldn’t.

But what more can we expect to be a part of the grand unveil at next week’s conference?

Well, Gruman revealed that we also expect to see a range of other previous predictions that he made about iOS16. This includes better enhancements to how operating systems handle different tasks as well as windowing features.

A tweet that was recently made by renowned developer Steve Smith shed light on how Apple is most likely planning on finding a way through which users can resize the windows across their apps.

We’re not quite sure how useful that would be for iPhone users but when it comes down to iPad users, it’s definitely going to be worth the extra effort.

Lastly, Gruman mentioned how he plans on seeing the company roll out an array of interesting features for social media that would work well for Messages.

We’re not quite sure when exactly all of these rollouts will actually come into play but one thing is for sure. We certainly don’t need to wait too long because the WWDC conference is just days away and that’s where Apple will make the grand unveiling of its iOS 16.

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