InfoSecurity Publishes Study On Cybersecurity Threats That Will Be Prevalent Across 2022

The InfoSecurity Group’s latest report delves into cybersecurity threats that professionals in the field view as concerning sources of danger across 2022.

Cybersecurity’s becoming an ever-increasingly important source of discussion, just because of how much everything and everyone is being oriented towards “online” forms of living. Payments, orders, bills, IDs, social lives: these are all facets of daily life that are lived and experienced to some extent or another across the internet. While this has certainly introduced a massive amount of convenience to our everyday tasks, with every lightened burden comes yet another replacement. With everything being online, cybersecurity threats decided to multiply like especially enthusiastic rabbits and now I’m making a living writing about phishing attacks and hackers on a near-daily basis. Interesting, how I’ve managed to make money off of the woes of other individuals. Then again, corporations do the same thing on a massive scale via direct exploitation, instead of just reporting stats and figures like I do. Oh, well: on with the study and how it dissects opinions from cybersecurity analysts and firms.

While the full study itself requires a user to register themselves with InfoSecurity before being able to download it, we have a relatively short cliffnotes version of everything covered. Specifically, the publication delves into the three main cybersecurity concerns that professionals are concerned about. The first of these is ransomware which, while not being the most commonly encountered online threat, is certainly the most harmful. Other than the amount of damage any sort of malware can cause an individual, actively extorting those same individuals (often younger or older people who can easily be exploited) can cause some serious mental harm. Attacks of this nature are also getting more and more advanced by the second, but that’s just any phishing-related attack on the internet.

The number two concern that cybersecurity experts display is related to nation-state attacks. Again, while these attacks may not be the most commonly encountered forms of online crime, they’re on this list solely due to the effect of impact. Russian cyber-attacks affecting the USA were a matter of news panel discussions and social media discourse for literal months to follow, and it’s not like all those bots just disappeared overnight.

Finally, the third most concerning form of cybersecurity threat to individuals in the industry comes in the form of supply chain attacks, which I’m not super worried about. Most of the companies attacked are giant corporations that could probably live without a pay-day or two. Then again, not everyone earns the same and stealing can still be called out as being cowardly or selfish.

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