Why Your Business Needs An Ethical Hacker

The increase in cybersecurity and ethical hacking is a response to enhanced technological advancement and the rise of cyber threats. Ethical hacking was first proposed as an IT security solution sometime in the early 2000s. Several entities attacked the idea since the word ‘hacking’ is synonymous with a malicious act.

Ethical hacking has since been explained as a security measure meant to prevent cybercriminals from breaching a computer system. After all, if you get hacked by someone you requested to penetrate your systems, loopholes would get discovered easier. Ethical hackers work under strict rules and regulations to protect data from malicious hackers.

Since the world adopted the internet as an industry solution, cybercrime has exponentially increased. Somewhere along the line, criminals decided that it was better to commit a malicious act from a computer than to place guns in peoples’ heads.

Businesses like banks, data centers, and even firms in the gambling industry like casino utan svensk licens all risk having their data and finances stolen. Nevertheless, it is getting increasingly difficult to counter hackers’ efforts since new malware and viruses are released daily.

Significant Firms Facing Cyber Threats

A lot of significant firms across several industries face security threats from hackers. Organizations in the finance sector like banks are the most targeted, leading to an aggregate of $25 billion spent by banks on cybersecurity.

Small and medium-sized businesses are also not safe from cyber-attacks. They’re also highly targeted by ransomware and pay $10,000 to $500,000 when hacked.

In 2020, Twitter, a top social media network, was hacked, leading to $100,000 in monetary value lost. The profiles of highly followed individuals on the network were also breached. In the same year, cryptocurrency exchange, Binance also got hacked, with $40 million lost to the hackers.

There have been more system breaches, but this shows that hackers will go to any length to get data or finances from all forms of entities. Before you can prevent a hacker from penetrating your system, you need professionals that can think like hackers.

This service that ethical hackers provide aims to protect your business from the constant cyber threats flying around. These professionals can breach a firm’s computer system to strengthen its defense.

The Relationship Between the Shift to the Cloud and Ethical Hacking

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have shifted their data to the cloud. This was a response to the social distancing measures adopted in several nations worldwide. Cloud data can easily get accessed by anyone with permission, allowing employees to work remotely.

Moving data to the cloud has made companies more vulnerable to hacking. In response, ethical hackers are more highly needed than ever. One of the most significant issues businesses deal with is the rapid advancement in technology and the resulting cybersecurity requirements.

Hackers never rest and are always working 24/7 to penetrate systems. Since loopholes are always getting discovered and plugged in, hacking methods constantly evolve. Ethical hacking experts are the only ones that can counter this major issue, leading to the recent boom in demand for ethical hackers.

Four Reasons why your Company Needs Ethical Hackers

Here are reasons why your company needs ethical hackers:

Ethical Hackers Prevent Problems Ahead of Time

Many companies that hire ethical hackers do so after a security breach has been experienced. Instead of allowing your systems to get penetrated and having your data get stolen, you can employ an ethical hacker.

This way, you’d be able to discover present susceptibilities in your system that can threaten your security. Thus, a system attack would become more difficult for hackers, and your business wouldn’t have to lose money or reputation.

Ethical Hackers Reduce Costs

A singular successful cyber-attack could cost your company anywhere in tens of thousands or millions of dollars. There’s also the accompanying loss of customer trust and difficulty in remaining at the top of your niche.

Once an ethical hacker finds out areas where your system can get penetrated and solves the issue, the costs associated with a potential hack would be greatly reduced.

Ethical Hackers Understand Hackers

Understanding some of the methods that hackers utilize to breach systems is not enough to prevent them. Popular hacking groups are smart and consistently discover new methods and viruses to perform cyber-attacks. After all, if they don’t, their source of income dissolves.

Their job is to penetrate strong cybersecurity measures and get past firewalls. If you have an ethical hacker on your side, you’d have a better chance of stopping them. Some ethical hackers even began their careers as illegal hackers and thus, understand the creative ways they can use to take advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hackers can Help Conduct Seminars

Expert ethical hackers have ideas about how employees can unknowingly divulge information to cybercriminals. This way, they can treat all the aspects that employees could allow breaches in seminars and training.

When your employees understand the various ways hackers can use to steal your company’s data, it will become more difficult for a system breach to occur.


Ethical hacking came around as a solution to the continuous cyber-attacks performed by hackers. Since the early 2000s, when the internet became highly adopted, businesses have been at increased risk of getting hacked.

Data transfer to the cloud has also made company data more vulnerable. Businesses need ethical hackers because they understand hackers and prevent the high costs of mitigating the effects of hacks. Ethical hackers are also needed since they can conduct cybersecurity seminars and solve security issues ahead of time.
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