The Immense Increase In The Ethical Hacking Due To Pandemic, Tells HackerOne Report 2021

The hacker one disclosed the hacker report for the year 2021, where 4000 hackers were surveyed across the globe and we can see a 63 percent rise in the number of hacking incidents in the previous year.

The pandemic proved to be the cherry on the top for the hackers as 38 percent of them spent more time since the COVID’19 lockdown.

Out of all the hackers 85 percent are doing it to learn and acquire skills and 62 percent of them are doing it to get help in their career and become proficient.

With the increase of technological advancement, techniques and tools like APIs and IoT, and thousands of other faulty applications on iOS and android the hacking is getting easier. So here we can’t say it is done just because of money.

The HackerOne co-founder, Jobert Abma said that this year’s Hacker Report exhibits the depth of endangered insights that hackers transfer to a security program,”

“Huge growth can be seen in unprotected yielding in all categories and a rise in hackers gaining in-depth knowledge across a wider variety of technologies. As we see slower growth in some common weaknesses that are easily found and fixed, we’re seeing hackers be more creative in their attempt to come across new attack techniques. Every time a hacker links a few low-severity defenses together to help a customer avoid infringement, or finds a unique bypass to a software patch, it proves that machines can never ever surpass human intelligence.”

The most common focus of hackers was related to cloud adoption, along with misconfigurations vulnerabilities which increased by 310 percent in the pandemic which resulted in improper access control and privilege escalation went up to 3 percent.

The HackerOne report also told about the earnings of the ethical hackers (or the white hat hackers) which made more than 40 million dollars in a year. And combine all the hackers' income it makes a whopping 100 million dollars.

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