Twitter Launches New Guidelines To Overcome Spammy And Duplicative Tweets

There’s nothing worse than seeing the presence of spam content take over social media.

For instance, Twitter is full of duplicative content that comes in the form of oddly phrased sentences, questionable opinions, and hundreds of text replicas. Similar to the spread of a virus, it’s slowly taking over social networks.

Therefore, it makes absolute sense why Twitter has recently launched a fixed set of rules that get rid of spam and low quality content. These are more often seen below crypto projects where phrases like nice, like, and other weird references are provided.

The main aim of these messages is that they’re similar to spam and other bot trash whose purpose is solely restricted to amplifying a text. And it’s safe to say that Twitter knows them inside and out.

The platform has been working on its elimination for quite some time now, and we’ve seen them get rid of the presence of so many user feeds.

But that just wasn’t good enough of a solution to combat such a major problem. Tweets that continue to be copied are pulling through and it’s high time that the app limits content that is being reshared across the board.

Twitter has come up with a unique name called ‘copypasta’- a label used to describe content that has been copied in a manner that amplifies the content. Twitter says it has the power to now detect such behavior, even if they come added with unique user tags.

We know exactly what you are thinking. So, when a replica Tweet is detected by the system, what will happen next?

Well, the app has plenty of unique policies in place which include several different measures. Firstly, tweets are not eligible for display in the app’s trends or their top results. Secondly, we won’t find Tweets in user timelines, especially if they’re not following that specific creator. Thirdly, you can expect to see tweets being down ranked in the comments section. And last but now least, content like this gets excluded either directly or from accounts in the email.

As a whole, the new protocols in place are guaranteed to limit visibility. However, if a user is following that tweet’s creator, they will continue to appear in their timeline. And they just might find them in the search results as well.

Another interesting point worth mentioning is how Twitter claims the new violations of the rules are not going to have Twitter user accounts removed or even suspended. However, they would be undergoing reviews under the app’s policy for spam.

But the response given by the company is being viewed as a little soft to many, considering the fact that they’re so keen on putting an end to it. After all, they are such a major nuisance so why completely eliminate them from the app as a whole.

Now, we’re not saying to get rid of them on the first go but if it’s repeated for the 10th time or so, they must be eliminated. Well, we definitely see the potential of Elon Musk to come forward and tackle this major issue. After all, he’s been keen on removing bots as a part of his original plan.

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