WhatsApp’s Future Update Could Include Filtering Of Chats And Groups

A recent report by Wabetainfo has shed light upon the possibility of Whatsapp filtering chats and groups amongst others.

Thanks to the help of reverse engineering technology, there was evidence detected in the WhatsApp code that hinted at the possibility of an update soon.

While the functionality was already out there for WhatsApp Business accounts after being introduced on an older version, WhatsApp may appear to think that it’s time for the feature to be an integral part of the standard account.

Hence, we expect to see it making its way as a part of a future update for iOS, Android, and even desktop users.

In the previous year, we saw WhatsApp release a number of search filters that were solely aimed at business accounts, These filters were in place to smoothen out the process of finding particular chats as it reduced time and added convenience for users on the go.

But since this was restricted solely to businesses, standard users weren’t able to benefit from it. Hence, it’s exciting to see the change in the future soon. If you’re wondering about how exactly it works, well, it’s not too difficult.

The filter button is up for grabs when users tap into the search bar. And as far as benefits are concerned, well, you can now find unread chats, groups, your contacts, and even complete strangers.

This filter addition is always going to be present, even on occasions when you aren’t looking for particular texts or chats.

The report by WABetaInfo has not mentioned how soon or even when we can expect to see the new update being rolled out. Hence, we’ll just need to keep an eye out for it. And until then, you can see how it works by going through demos online as it’s the same feature present on WhatsApp Business accounts.

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