TikTok Declared A Clear Winner As New Report Reveals Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps Globally In April 2022

Crunching figures together isn’t an easy task but thanks to one recent study, we’ve finally gotten a list that highlights the most downloaded apps in April 2022.

Whether it’s shocking to note or not, the facts and figures are more or less the same from the month of March. But at the same time, it’s important to glance over some notable exceptions.

In April, we witnessed TikTok lead the pack as the most downloaded application around the globe. To be more specific, it reportedly entered more than 51 million devices as shown by estimates made in a report called ‘Much like March’.

As far as second place was concerned, the spot was taken over by competitor Instagram who managed to score 47 million downloads approximately. Moreover, Instagram did so well that we saw it make its way as Google Play’s most downloaded application. But wait, it doesn’t end there.

Instagram is the app store’s third most popular app in terms of downloads, which was pushed one spot thanks to Google Maps recently.

While we must admit that Google Maps is no stranger in terms of the App Store’s most downloaded apps, it has however seen a lot more success than most of us may have anticipated in the month of April of 2022.

Many experts feel the pandemic has something to do with it because although we may not be willing to accept that we’ve moved on from COVID times, the stats for apps like Google Maps say it all.

See, people are now more on the move than in previous times and we’re so grateful for that! Hence, it makes sense why so many people are now in need of a map.

While Meta’s famous three is still in the top ranks of the list for most downloadable apps, it’s interesting to see how WhatsApp Business made its way forward, thanks to its strong performance in the month of April on the Play Store.

Interestingly enough, we saw apps like Spotify also make the list, and yes, it’s no stranger but seeing it perform like this was another great eye-opener.

Capcut may not have done as well as many had hoped but 8th place is not bad and experts predict that if you give it a few more months, it could well be seen as improving its position.

As a whole, this top ten list for most downloads entailed a total combination of nearly 318 million downloads. And this was just slightly shorter than what we saw in March.

But where are we getting all these glorious insights from? The answer is App Intelligence which is a great platform that provides access to both revenue facts, downloads, and SDKs among others.

For now, we’d just like to say that there are no major surprises for April when you look at March. Hence, we’re keener on seeing how the results change for May. And that means staying tuned to our blog as we keep an eye out for just that.

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