Marketers to face challenges as the world of internet enters into a new Cookie-less phase; What measures has the advertising industry taken?

Cookies since a long time have undeniably been the highest bread earner for marketers on the internet, the small website integration allows for marketers to collect useful customer data, identify complex user patterns and form effective strategies around them, however, things took a bad turn when Google announced that they are planning to remove Cookies from Chrome browser.

This was bad news for Marketers that rely heavily on Cookies for customer data, however, as bad as it may sound these companies will have to move forward without Cookies and for that these companies have to find newer ways to get information about their new and current customers.

Now different marketers have a different take on the topic and everyone is going forward with their own strategy of getting customer data for advertisements. A recent survey conducted amongst marketers showed some really interesting insights about their plans and preparedness.

According to the survey, around 36 percent of respondents believe that gathering data about their consumer purchase history will be a key component in a Cookie-less marketing world. Following right behind consumer purchase history are social media profiles which are believed to be another key component of marketing on the internet; around 32 percent of the respondents showed a positive attitude towards social media profiles.

Marketers and businesses also tend to show a high reliance on website registrations and around 31 percent of the survey respondents believe that these website registrations will show a positive marketing response in a Cookie-less marketing world.

Other things that marketers have shown an interest in include loyalty programs, call interactions, surveys, SMS and even non-conventional ways such as newsletter subscriptions and mobile applications.

With the Cookies gone marketers surely will have to go through a rough patch however they will also have the opportunity to analyze so many different streams of consumer data, which might prove to be beneficial for them. Is the phasing out of Cookies a nightmare for marketers or a blessing in disguise? Drop your thoughts down in the comments below.

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