What’s Trending In The World Of Snapchat Ads And How To Enhance Your Marketing Approach Via Snap Revealed

The team at VidMob has undertaken an interesting study that comprises three parts. It’s released to the world of Snapchat’s advertising campaigns and how effective they’ve been over time.

To be more specific, the study was aimed at deducing which particular marketing approach through the app could be most successful for 2022.

A total of 14,000 ad campaigns entailing Snapchat were thoroughly reviewed that have been in the system for the past three years. This was done to help delineate which practice was the best.

The researchers opted to divide the study into three different categories which entailed CPG, Financial Services, and of course the world of Entertainment.

For each topic, the study put forward a nice summary that entailed some key finders regarding every approach studied.

As far as what were the things that worked the best across all categories, VidMob found images in high contrast as well as limited text to work the best.

Those ads that included bright hues and a great degree of varying contrast were able to score at least 15% higher than those arising from poor color schemes. Videos like these were deemed to be more financially fruitful and had people swipe up frequently. Lastly, ads for CPG that had greater color contrast ended up scoring higher in terms of screen time than others.

Another very important factor that was noted in the study by Vidmob was related to having minimal text. This is where the study found that view rates jumped massively by nearly 175%. This was for those whose screens had less than 5% of text included in them.

The same trend was seen for minimal text and CPG ads where swipe ups jumped by 23%.

In the same way, the study also shed light upon how successful ad campaigns were when they pulled in celebs at the forefront. And while not everyone is willing or able to move ahead with celebs onboard, the results of success are clearly in front of us.

Snapchat is trying hard in that particular aspect by announcing an advertisement partnership by taking Cameo under its wing. While it’s still not sure how successful that ends up being in the long run, the expectations are high. After all, it’s bound to open up an interesting avenue for campaigns that entail celebs and Snap.

If you’ve got the time and are keen on moving ahead with a number of considerations for ad campaigns, then an in-depth look at VidMob’s whitepapers is sure to be worth your while.

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