Elon Musk Has Big Plans For Making Twitter A 'Super App' With The Addition Of Payments

Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be in the mood of fixing the leading social network Twitter. Instead, the world’s richest person is on the move toward fixing social media as a whole and he plans on doing just that via payments.

The Tesla CEO more specifically shed light recently on how he’s more than interested to turn Twitter into a leading application of today that merges the platform with functionalities like images, videos, and chats too. And that also includes adding a diverse newsfeed style that would remind users of Facebook.

But that’s not all because the Tesla owner hinted at how he’s also very keen on adding a primary objective and in case you didn’t guess it by now, we’re talking about payments.

Elon Musk seems to have made very unique revelations about the app while in attendance at the All-In Podcast. And that’s where the billionaire used China’s WeChat as his true inspiration for kickstarting his new ambitions through social media.

The platform began in a similar manner to Twitter and with time, we saw it flourish after adding the renowned mobile wallet where payment features could be made. Clearly, Musk was very excited about following in the footsteps of WeChat as he couldn’t stop talking about its success thanks to their payment options being added to the interface.

But it’s rather interesting to note how the billionaire even mentioned how he might not even need the help of Twitter to get the American version of the app rolling in the right direction.

For Musk, the perfect representation of the super app is one that is free of spam and also one which practices freedom of speech without having to always worry about a ban on videos, images, quotes, etc. Similarly, he felt that it’s crucial to be able to debate some great ideas too.

In addition to that, Elon Musk was seen shedding light on how the ‘super Twitter’ version could be not only be trusted by all but at the same time, would also be the one practicing inclusivity.

As you can probably expect, Musk does not want to see the word ban on Twitter because he thinks it just makes matters complicated, let alone serve as an alarming threat to a person’s free speech.

Now that’s a little too far stretched, we believe, especially when it comes down to public comments that Tesla was seen making on Twitter’s fake account status.

When questioned about whether or not the billionaire was actually thinking about backing away from the billion-dollar deal, Musk indirectly put the blame on Twitter again, adding how they falsely misstated their figures on fake accounts and that was a huge mistake on their part.

“It’s a huge deal to misquote something that’s actually five to six times greater in reality”- he revealed. And as you can probably tell, he’s not happy.

When Musk was asked about his preference on how he’d like to move ahead with Twitter, the billionaire mentioned how keen he was to begin things from scratch, even if it required more time, money, and effort.

But before all of this, Musk delineated through his conversation that money is important for creators and they deserve a share of the revenue for all the hard work they’re putting into the platform. Therefore, that explains why he’s so interested in bringing forward the concept of payments.

Therefore, we could anticipate a payment tool like PayPal or perhaps Venmo coming up soon. But keeping in mind the past, we’ve already seen Twitter go down this lane before when it was introducing features like Ticket Spaces for content makers. Similarly, there was another feature called Super Follows and soon after that, we saw the realm of cryptocurrency being added too.

While it may not have been as successful as WeChat or the way Elon Musk plans on introducing it, we know for sure that at the end of it all, Twitter is a place where people enjoy having conversations relating to trending matters.

Seeing Musk make another initiative that aims to help creators earn revenue while driving conversations is a good place to start as it can assist audiences to engage with others in different ways.

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