Snapchat plans to roll out the handy Parent Control feature for its users

As per recent reports, Snapchat is testing its latest parenting-friendly feature that will enable the parents to keep an eye on their child’s activity on Snapchat, as defined by Evan S., the CEO of Snapchat. This aspect assures the parents more comfort while their children step forward in the social world.

Recently in NewFronts Advertising Presentation, Snapchat recorded that nearly 75% of the teenage population of ages ranging between 13 to 34 belonging to twenty countries are Snapchat users, and 80% of US’s Gen Z have seen one video, if not more, shown on this application.

Watchful, the product intelligence organization, has also reported to TechCrunch about this new Family Centre Snap’s feature assuring that it will be useful in tracking whom the children are talking to and watching for up to 7 days.

It is important to note that Snap is the last among the social media applications that have introduced this feature, even when its friend list is hidden. Before that, many social media applications have already advanced their apps with child protection features.

We can take an example of the TikTok application that has continuously upgraded its features under the Family Pairing head since 2020 within its application. This development enabled the parents to pair their accounts with their children to assist the settings of the Snap application for their kids. Youtube also introduced this feature for experiment last year slightly early from Instagram, which came up with this innovating feature but had made it available for public in late March.

Coming back to Snapchat’s parenting feature, parents can now view the names of their friends yet not their messages. This ensures children’s balanced privacy and also provides parents the controlled visibility of their activities.

The screenshots shared by the Watchful company has shown that this feature is still under the working phase and is not yet applied for experiment or appeared live. It can also change as the application's feature has been shown on Snap’s older version.

The working of the Snap applications is slightly different. It doesn’t allow teenagers to make public profiles. Both the users that are interested to be friend have to accept each other’s friend requests to start chatting. Moreover, the accounts neither are visible in the friends suggestion list nor we can search their accounts in the search bar. So these features don’t call for the rolling out of the separate feature for parent control as are already controlled.

Moreover, opposite to the company’s previous statement that announced the launching of this new feature, Snapchat has now refused to say anything on the provided screenshots of its new Parent Control feature.

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