Microsoft Begins Testing New Search Box That’s Now Present In The Center Of The Windows 11 Desktop Interface

Microsoft has entered its experimentation phase with an innovative search box that was formerly seen with the Taskbar. But the fact that it’s located right in the center of the desktop for Windows 11 is definitely not something that many people were expecting.

As you can probably imagine, seeing such a feature pop upright in the middle of things isn’t something many users would be keen on, to begin with, but that does not mean Microsoft isn’t going to move ahead with the trial.

For starters, they’re rolling it out to insiders in the form of the Insider Preview that recently launched in the Dev Channel.

As Microsoft says, this is just a small test for now. And the main aim is to see the responses generated and then use those to enhance the functionality further. Remember, no matter how much the popularity, features such as these are never guaranteed to be rolled out immediately unless they pass through a Beta Channel.

Another interesting find that we know about the Search Box is how it’s powered through Bing which is another search engine for Microsoft. But some eagle-eyed watchers claim that using the search box option on the desktop will directly generate results through Microsoft Edge.

Hence, no matter what default browse users might be accustomed to, that configuration will simply be ignored. But again, we’re not too concerned about that, considering the fact that it’s just a simple test. However, if and when we do see it being transferred over to Beta, that’s when we’ll need to signal the alarm.

The new update also has other Windows users wondering whether or not it’s going to be a challenge to switch on the search engine that had been used by that particular search box because it now seems that the default search engine can’t be changed in the settings option.

In case some of you may still be wondering, the search box undergoing the trial phase is the same search widget that you see in the panel of Windows 11.

Recently, we saw Windows 11 release a translucent panel that came with a cool slide-out mechanism. Users would be able to see different types of content through this means and they could even gain entry via the widget button that was seen on the taskbar.

While we don’t see the tech giant going into too much detail about the new feature, it did mention how its new sleek design was not only lightweight but a great interactive way to search the world wide web. And in case they wish to move it, they can simply right-click and select from other options on the desktop.

With the release of the new functionality for Windows testers, Microsoft revealed how it is on the search for feedback from its users soon in regards to the model’s enhanced features. And they plan on receiving just that through their Feedback Hub.

H/T: Rafael Rivera

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