Whatever The Board Says, Meta Had Withdrawn Their Request to Withdraw Content For Russia and Ukraine as The Countries Are Under War

Policy Advisory Opinion (POA) asked Meta to withdraw its services from Russia and Ukraine as there is a literal war going on and it doesn't want to have Meta there due to safety and security reasons. But Meta straight up refused to do so because everyone has freedom of speech as it wants Ukraine to use this.

The Oversight Board requested this and it was about Meta's social media handling amidst the chaos. The request from POA was withdrawn by Meta and they continued whatever they were working on. Meta told them that they would be withdrawing any policy concerning requests from them.

The Oversight Board released their statement saying, 'Meta informed the board that they had withdrawn from the policy guidance about the war that is happening between Russia and Ukraine. We are disappointed because our request is important for the ongoing issues but they withdrew it.

The company says that Meta has assured them of doing some measures for the concerns regarding the situation but they still withdrew their request. But they are working on making Meta a safe place for everyone in the country, without any form of hate acts.

Meta didn't explain why they withdrew the board's request but speculations are they did it because recently Meta is not working in Russia and now they want Ukraine to use the platform to spread news and information across the country. This is for the sake of what Meta stands for and to help people share their words.

Meta also shared their statement, saying, 'As the POA has been withdrawn, they are doing their share of spreading the right information in this time of need for Ukraine. We are taking enough measures to stop all the hate speech and looking deeply into the things that directly have any type of security concerns.'

Meta is working on stopping any spread of false or misinformation that can lead to misunderstanding. They are closely monitoring the situations and making their platform a great help by introducing safer features. There was also a rumour that Meta is secretly taking some advice from the Oversight Board so they can make Meta a safer place in these crucial times. Now let's see what happens as Meta is all set to make people share content in the country that is under war.

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