Google Prioritizes Security With Launch Of Features That Keep User Safety In Mind

As one of the world’s leading search engines, Google definitely has a huge responsibility on its shoulders in terms of protecting users. Therefore, the tech giant is always on the lookout for ways through which it can manage to do just that effectively.

The recent I/O 2022 summit shed light on the different ways through which the app is improving its safety as well as cybersecurity. And for starters, it has to do with how great of a control a user encompasses in regards to their own presence when working online.

Therefore, one particularly interesting feature was related to users ridding all personal details about themselves from searches. But wait, there’s more! Google also plans on spreading security features to a number of different applications with a great focus on 2SV technology.

First things first, the tech giant spoke about leading features that prioritize everyone’s safety during searches. This includes eliminating sensitive details like email, address, and telephone numbers. And believe us when we say that although such details are not hard to look for, they’re much more difficult to eliminate.

With the tech giant’s new ‘Results about you’, all users need to do is remove sensitive information from the main search page through a series of clicks. And if you’re thinking this has already been present for a while now, well, you’re not wrong. Google says that the feature was there but not as detailed as it is now.

Previously, sensitive details were requested like credit card numbers and even social security. But now, there’s nothing like that. Moreover, in April we saw the company announce a request feature so their personal information can be removed. With tools like this, these requests become so much easier to address.

Google says they’re also enhancing their Security Safety Status. This makes it super simple for users to determine whether or not their account was compromised. Previously, users had to resort to seeing the safety status of their accounts. With this new tool in place, your display image will feature an exclamation mark in yellow.

Hence, the goal is to make the security status more approachable and hard to miss otherwise. Whenever something is not quite right, users can benefit from seeing that immediately.

Another major feature in terms of security has to do with enhanced verification through automated means. This is a two-step process and is Google’s answer to the future that’s void of passwords.

For the Results about you page, Google expects a launch in a few months. Meanwhile, the security status update has no release date for now.

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