Trouble For Facebook’s Metaverse As Reality Labs Division Eliminates Leading Projects

Facebook has been advocating the metaverse for quite some time now as it claims to hold high hopes for the future. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’s not been a smooth-sailing affair.

This week, a report by Reuters revealed how the Reality Labs at Meta would be eliminating some key projects. In case you weren’t aware, this particular division is home to so many hardware products and other initiatives.

While it’s still not evident which assignments are being given the boot, a recently released statement by Meta’s CTO has shocked plenty of people.

Andrew Bosworth revealed to employees how the firm will no longer be able to pay for a giant chunk of the projects that were planned once upon a time. This includes blatantly postponing a number of them as well.

These reports are being looked upon by critics as a huge blow to the firm’s ambitious goals that were directed towards reorganizing the company in a more virtual reality manner.

This means Meta was keener on being identified on the basis of virtual reality instead of solely a social network. Hence, the fact that the tech giant admits to losing $10 billion over the basis of Reality Labs and is even thinking of shrinking its workforce this year when compared to the earlier ones is definitely an eye-opener to many.

But that’s not all. Meta is even busy plugging over Project Cambria. This is the firm’s modern and innovative product in the form of a headset that entails high-end virtual reality. With the launch expected by the end of the year, Mark Zuckerberg has teased fans with snippets of what they can expect in terms of features.

This includes details surrounding ‘color passthrough’ which is a modern-day technology that gives wearers an insight into reality experiences like never before seen.

Let’s not forget how Meta is all geared up for the launch of its first physical store too. This will be located just outside the company’s reality lab headquarters.

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