Twitter Will Soon Allow Users To Share Posts With Smaller Crowds After The Release Of Its ‘Twitter Circle’

Twitter has finally confirmed that it will soon be releasing its ‘Twitter Circle’ feature, which is the equivalent of Instagram’s Close Friends.

This feature has been anticipated by plenty of users who always felt the need for a feature that allowed them to share their posts with a more limited or intimate audience. And now, it appears the company has answered their prayers as the app recently made the feature an official part of its offerings.

But the feature will soon be rolling out to only a limited number of people as confirmed in the platform’s recent official notice.

The feature first began as an alternative option for the good old ‘Trusted Friends’, around one year back. But now, it’s finally coming to reality and users couldn’t be more grateful.

A post by Twitter Safety mentioned how some of the posts shared on the platform are meant for larger public audiences. However, there were always those that needed an audience that was handpicked by the user himself and that’s where this Twitter Circle needed to come into play.

Twitter says that it is currently continuing with the testing phase for this feature that enables users to include up to 150 different people from the platform to see the Tweet, in case you wish to go on sharing with smaller crowds.

To make more sense, those who are confused about how it actually works need to compare it to Instagram’s Close Friends. Therefore, users are in charge of selecting a few of their closest friends with whom they wish to share their stories, adding a more personal touch.

So, when can we expect to see the feature rolling out? Well, the company confirms that the new update can be availed by some users as early as today. And in case you get it, let’s see how it works:
  • Add people of your liking: There are no restrictions on who you can and can’t add. That’s solely your decision but Twitter has limited it to just 150 people.
  • Send out tweets restricted to only them: Now is the time to send out the tweet to your limited viewership. Feel free to share your thoughts away as only your close circle of friends will be able to see and send out replies.
  • Edit your circle whenever you want: In case you ever wish to make edits, well, there’s no one stopping you. Go ahead and change the settings whenever you desire.
Twitter says that while sending out a post, users can notice a green-colored bubble. And that is the point they can decide who the posts go out to, either all or just limited members.

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