Twitter tests a closed circle feature just like Instagram!

Twitter launched a close circle feature that will enable you to choose the audiences whom you want to show your tweet just as Instagram.

Before the Twitter close friends feature, every single time you post tweets having funny or personal content, you are posting it to your friends, co-workers, and family. If you know you’re posting to thousands of people eventually it makes you post less. So Twitter came up with the solution and that is the Twitter close friend feature. This new update will encourage you to post more because you can control where your tweets go to, perhaps you have a list of close friends, it's only two people, maybe three people, or a hundred, but you can direct where your tweets are going.

Tweets will remain the same as before, however, along with that, you will notice a clear green colored bar showing the close friends list. Developers have assigned the name flock for the mobile phones and a more familiar word circle for the web version. But recently the circle option appeared for some Beta testers. The best part about this feature is that no one is going to know when you drop them from your close friends' list. Only you have the right to choose the other person with whom you are interested in sharing your tweets. Similarly, if someone has added you to their close friend’s list, possibly you will see a green badge when you’re reading someone’s tweets just as Instagram, although it is yet unclear unless the update is fully visible to the masses. Or you may notice a pop-up message that shows you that the person has added you to their Flock.
I think it could be the next big feature on Twitter. With this feature, one can have a good and detailed conversation with trusted friends keeping it confidential with others. Interestingly, you have the option to select up to 150 people in your close circle or Twitter Flock and your followers won’t be notified in case you expel them from your list. Users needed this update after years and years of being on Twitter. However, this feature is available in the Beta version, and it is not confirmed when this feature will be available to a large audience.

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