Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Spells Trouble As App May Charge Fees From Certain Users While Activists Call For Ads Boycott

Elon Musk is now officially the owner of Twitter but with plenty of responsibility comes a plethora of changes.

On Tuesday, we heard the billionaire confirm how the platform would remain free for all of its casual users but wait, there was a catch. And that related to the possible introduction of fees for both commercial as well as users hailing from the Government.

Remember, the Tesla owner is all about boosting engagement to as many Americans out there instead of solely to those with the purpose of a niche.

While Musk failed to delineate how much that fee would exactly be, he did reiterate how it was a small amount. But are we all surprised? Well, the answer is no because the change was inevitable with a new man like Musk in charge.

As it is, Musk has promised that he is more than willing to introduce a number of changes to the app. From bringing forward enticing features to defeating spam from bots as well, not to mention his fights for free speech too- we knew there was more coming.

In April, we saw Musk speak about his desire to bring a reduction in prices for blue subscribers which is a premium service. On the other hand, the billionaire could be heard mentioning at the Met Gala his decision to convert Twitter into a transparent app.

In particular, the Tesla Chief went into detail about how he wished to share with the public how particular tweets were promoted or even demoted on the app. This way, it would be up for public criticism.

But a much more concerning matter is related to activists who have plenty to say about the platform. This includes allegations relating to Twitter serving as a hub for illegal activity, misinformation, hate, extremist activity, and even some radical conspiracy theories too.

This is why so many activists are now going one step ahead and asking advertisers to boycott the social media giant, in case it’s willing to engage in spreading misinformation or abusive content.

Remember, the Tesla CEO is very keen on cutting back on the platform’s content moderation policies and that is what these activists are now concerned about. Similarly, Musk expressed his desire to prevent the barring of users, including those that wished to inflict harm in the real world through the app.

The warnings come from nearly 2 dozen activist organizations including the likes of Ultraviolent and Media Matters.

They continually slam Musk and his leadership skills, voicing concerns about how Twitter will now be known as a pool of misinformation that plenty of businesses will now be pulled into.

Therefore, advertisers say they want assurance from Twitter that it will continue to work around its regular content moderation limits or else face the consequences of cutting ties with leading advertisers.

Remember, Twitter generates a huge portion of its revenue through ads and if these advertisers pull away, it could spell jeopardy for the platform.

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