The Latest Results For The Apps And Games That Made The Most Earnings In April 2022 Are Finally Out!

A lot of people wonder if apps and games still make money in today’s time and the answer just might surprise you!

A new report has shed light on the highest number of earnings generated last month by both apps and games and we hope you’re just as excited as we were for the final results.

As far as general apps are concerned, the report crunched down the top ten applications that made the greatest earnings last month. And while some favorites made the list, others were shocked to see how others didn’t.

Well, there are no surprises for the app that generated the highest revenue in the US - it’s none other than TikTok of course. We’ve seen the famous video-based app turn into a mega sensation in such a short span of time.

The huge leap in growth initially began last year and it’s safe to say that’s still going strong. Estimates highlighted in the report show how a massive $56 million in revenue was produced by the app in the US alone.

As far as the winner for the second place is concerned, well, the award was a tie between YouTube and HBO Max. Both apps earned a staggering $47 million in revenue. And the report delineated how this was definitely a major win for HBO Max, especially when you take into consideration the fact that its stark competitor Disney+ only managed to earn half as much. Moreover, it managed to land 5th position in terms of the recent earnings list.

But wait, the surprises continue. One leading app was kicked out of the list, to many people’s surprise. Do you think you can figure out which one didn’t pull through in terms of earnings? Well, let’s break the suspense- it was BIGO Live. On the Play Store, it did bag the ending position but many predict it won’t be able to return for the next month.

It was a little sad to see because it really upped its game in terms of revenue growth, going up nearly $12 million but with such leading giants in the picture, it could only do so much.

As a whole, the combined earnings generated by all the apps came close to about $316 million for last month in the US. Another point worth noting is how the list is quite similar to March, as are the rankings so no major surprises there.

Now, let’s shift our focus to games for a change. The top position went to none other than Candy Crush. The popular game delivered big time in terms of revenue in the US, reaching a whopping $94 million.

This is major news as the revenue figures generated for the month of March were 59% lower, showing the massive growth in just 30 days. At second spot, Roblox pulled through with $59 million and it’s interesting to note how it’s lower than the previous month. But even with revenue declining, it’s still at the top which says a lot.

Previously, we saw Call of Duty hit the bottom number 7 position but it’s amazing how it worked its magic and pulled through with massive money gains as tech experts predicted it to be removed from the list completely.

One game that failed to score any position on the list included Garena Free Fire, and that surprised quite a few die-hard fans. The fact that it could only score earnings in single-digit millions just wasn’t enough to allow it back in the rankings.

In its entirety, these games secured revenue worth $331 million last month in the US, which is almost 5% higher than the total seen in March. But we do hope to see further growth in the near future, as more advertisers play an active role in post-ATT times.

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