iPhone And Android Fail The App Performance Check A New Study Reveals

Android and iPhone are two of the most prominent competing markets out there when it comes to smart mobile operating systems. Each offers an array of features, updates that are constantly rolled out and millions of apps to cater to their user's every need. It comes as no surprise that these massive platforms come with their share of problems. Recent developments indicate that the users may not be happy with the app's performance on either of the operating systems.

In the past few months, how many times have you come across ads for a particular app? And how many times did that app meet your expectations in terms of user interface and accessibility? The chances are that the app is subpar at best, and you are not alone in feeling this way. Reportedly, millions of users across the globe are now fed up with the buggy apps!

The team at unitQ conducted thorough research into the said matter. The research team dived into an array of niches such as music, game and dating applications. Unfortunately, almost all of them failed to meet the minimum standards. The users of various applications were interviewed and reported lagging and latency issues. Some quality issues are localized to particular apps. Dating app users were not a fan of being randomly blocked and kicked out of suspicion from the platform. People into song applications did not like when the music came all shuffled up even though they did not choose that particular feature. Mobile gamers vented out that they were unable to level up, and the latency issues did not help one bit. The research analyzes the issues across hundreds of applications and yields the same results each time.

The team also took it upon themselves to bring a comparison between the two platforms. They assigned points to iOS and Android. Android secured the lead by scoring a 78 based on the reviews left by users on the platform. iOS failed even to match its competition and secured only 61. A difference of 17 points is recorded between the two platforms. While the score may seem rather important when shifting between the two operating systems. It does not account for numerous variables and fails to make an important point! The score is not a reflective image of the iOS platforms. Since it is based on reviews and does not account for the volatile reaction of the users, The users may have just as easily boycotted the app due to external factors regardless of its performance, which can lead to varying results. The platform itself says that it recorded about 14.04 million product quality issues on Android. In contrast, iOS only had about 3.18 million product quality issues!

"We ingested 121.52 million customer reviews over the period. Using the power of unitQ artificial intelligence, we detected more than 17.23 million “product quality issues.” These issues include app crashes, freezes, is slow, won’t install or launch, and you name it.", said unitQ team in a blog post.

It is not easy to provide a thorough quality check when you are such a massive platform. You may prefer one platform over the other. However, they both have their fair share of product quality issues.

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