A Hiding Story Feature? Instagram Is Testing A New Feature That Will Hide Some of The Stories

A few days ago some users observed an Instagram feature that was hiding some of the stories and by clicking 'show more' you could have access to all the stories. Users are giving mixed reactions to this feature as this can cause a lot of problems with Instagram engagements.

This testing came to the surface when a Twitter user tweeted about this. A lot of users then came up to that tweet, sharing their thoughts. It's important to tell that most people will not be happy if this feature comes on the app.

Instagram, which is known as a photo and video sharing app, has approximately one billion users in the year 2022. The number is huge and the app gives people a platform to share a variety of different things. One important use of Instagram is to raise awareness about different world problems and issues.

If the feature comes to be a part of the app permanently, it is going to cause a huge difference in spreading the stories across a large audience. If a story is hidden, there is a greater chance that someone might miss an important story.

Indeed, there is an option available where you will be able to see all stories once you click on the 'show more', but still it's not enough. It will take an extra amount of time and sometimes maybe you won't feel like doing it.

But we can still hope that this feature doesn't see the light of the day in the app permanently because a lot of people are going to have negative reviews about it. Whatever is going to happen with this feature, it should be according to the users' preferences and opinions.

It's going to be really upsetting for users if it actually becomes a part of Instagram. Let's see what the app decides.

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