YouTube Kids Is No Longer Safe As App Called Out For Showing Age Inappropriate Content

Just when you thought you could distract your kids with a safe and entertaining way to pass time comes shocking reports about YouTube Kids.

We know the web is full of inappropriate content but seeing drug culture being promoted with the use of firearms to audiences as young as 2 has so many parents’ minds blown.

The news comes after an investigation into the ‘kids’ version of the app revealed shocking findings relating to the content being displayed.

First launched in the year 2015, YouTube released a kid-friendly version of its app that it promised was safer and more curated in terms of its videos. Moreover, with time, it gained immense popularity as it targeted an audience that was below the age of 13.

The app likes to divide its viewers into three different groups that include the older generation, the younger lot, and then the preschool ones. And with the platform promising parents that all the content is ‘family friendly’, thanks to strict measures in place, they almost had so many people fooled.

Now, a recent investigation has proven how the app’s automated filters aren’t doing justice to the vows made to parents. Yes, the app did state that they’re not perfect and some inappropriate content could occasionally be slipping through, but this is actually quite alarming.

Thanks to an American-based non-profit organization by the name of Tech Transparency, we’re seeing a new side to the app that reveals how so many videos shouldn’t have ever made it past Google’s filters in the first place.

One eye-opening example is a cooking show that’s based on Breaking Bad. Here, viewers can see hosts wearing respirators and joking about the risks associated with hazardous fumes. Yes, we agree that it’s light-hearted humor for us adults but for kids, far from it.

Some critics believe crystal meth is not age-appropriate and it’s exposing the younger lot to plenty of damage at this young and vulnerable age. Another striking example would be songs coming through like ‘Cocaine’- a popular tune by Eric Clapton. And this is part of a guitar series for viewers as young as 5.

Another example that parents are noting is how easily content starts slipping through relating to guns. From hiding pistols to descriptions about recoil pads as well, it’s amazing what children are being exposed to, considering the alarming rates of gun violence these days.

Of particular concern were videos relating to image problems and how conveniently people believe you can whiten your skin tone with bleach or lose weight by drinking a certain potion.

A statement was released by YouTube where the app tried to speak in detail about how the platform was designed for kids to discover things in a safe way. They also seem to be stressing how no machine system is perfect and it’s up to parents to control or filter their child’s content, which makes sense to a certain degree.

The company also revealed how they’re age-gating so many videos on the app to avoid incidents like these but a lot of focus is being put on the US Congress to play an active role and strongly regulate the channel.

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