Pinterest Honors Mental Health Month By Unveiling A Series Of New Events And Resources

Pinterest is showing how dedicated it is to taking care of its users’ mental health as the app plans on launching a series of new events in honor of that theme.

Mental Health Awareness month is here and that’s why the app says its users will soon benefit from a series of mental health tools that can be availed from the platform itself.

Similarly, it also plans to launch the IRL life ‘Pinterest Haven’ event in New York City toon.

To kickstart things in the right way, Pinterest revealed how it will soon roll out its ‘Mind Your Wellness’ customized board that puts mental health-related content at the forefront.

Similarly, it spoke in detail about how it planned on getting famous content creators from around the globe to take part. With an unlimited supply of resources, Pinterest says it’s doing everything it can to help those that are in need of it the most.

And just in case that was not enough, the company recently unveiled how it would be partnering up with the Mental Health Coalition as a way to put more resources and similar content in the forefront.

But Pinterest is not alone in this initiative. It recently spoke about how willing other apps were to participate and give back to the community of users who arise from different walks of life.

It also hoped that it would be able to play an integral role in serving as the take-off platform where struggling users and those who wish to help would come forward and share the best methods available to begin digital wellness and other strategies implemented for mindfulness.

Similarly, Pinterest hopes to bring its initiative to life by focusing on another immersive experience in the form of its NYC haven.

This will reportedly feature a number of well-learned speakers and a series of stellar digital pieces while including some of the biggest names from the wellness industry who can play an active role in helping others and in raising awareness.

While the app says it has been testing a series of different installations in the real world in the past, this one might be the first one ever that specifically focuses on mental health.

Pinterest also recently announced how it planned to introduce a number of its compassionate tools to at least 11 different markets. For those who may not be aware, the app unveiled this theme as a group of interactive activities that allow so many others to connect with one another and resources, whenever they are on the search for specific terms.

The platform is truly playing an active role in mental health awareness month and these new developments are definitely a positive initiative for such an important concern in society today. As many experts say, all of these social media apps have a duty that rests on their shoulders to help others and raise concern on matters like these because millions are looking up to them for assistance.

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