Meta To Soon Release A ‘Laptop Of The Face’ In the Form Of Its Cambria VR Headset

Meta is in a league of its own in terms of taking technology to a whole new level, reports TI.

The tech giant has reportedly unveiled its desire to launch a series of revolutionary headsets that will soon be released before 2024.

The latest of its creations includes a high-tech VR headset that is called Cambria. Meta unveiled the detailed specifics for this anticipated project and another one of its headsets called Roadmap through a recent report.

As far as Cambria is concerned, well, you can refer to it as the Chromebook of the Face because that’s exactly what it is, in a nutshell.

The specifics of the design are very similar to that of a laptop, which will devise its Virtual Reality operating system from Meta via Android. Moreover, the project is said to be very aligned with today’s leading web tools, including leading Quest apps too.

While Meta continues to market the revolutionary product as a work of the future, it won’t be running any native desktop applications that you usually see being used by different organizations.

But that does not mean you shouldn’t appreciate the superior image quality that enables wearers of the headset to intricately read away text with ease. Similarly, these users can now send out emails or codes with sheer convenience, making it a great gadget for the workplace or any other professional setting.

Cambria is said to give wearers a clear view of the environment, thanks to its modern cameras that face in an outward direction. Meta has specifically referred to this feature as ‘color passthrough’ that enables a very real experience.

After making the device’s announcement in October of last year, the company said this savvy tech gadget will also have eye-tracking features with complete face recognition settings too. Therefore, users wearing this in Workrooms or Meta’s Horizon Worlds are going to have their facial expressions mirrored, depending on how they’re acting or where they’re looking.

But due to the presence of a battery, it’s heavier than what users may have expected with Quest 2. As Meta says, wearers need not worry as the battery is strategically located in the back to achieve optimal balance.

At a whopping price tag of $799, the product is said to be sold as early as September of this year. And although the original release date was last year, Meta says it fell off its timeline due to issues with the supply chain.

Meta also plans on launching three other of its headsets soon as the tech giant moves ahead with a bang into its thrilling metaverse.

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