Microsoft Announces Android Version Upgrades For Windows 11

Microsoft is proving to the world that it is committed to Android apps after it recently announced an update for the system that is designed to enable the running of Android apps for Windows 11.

The news came on Friday when the tech giant boldly unveiled the decision to upgrade its Android version that was currently seen on desktops around the globe. This particular version was designed to keep so many of the company’s apps feel like they were right at home while running across any user’s PC.

For now, the company says the new update is only going to be present as a test for insiders at Windows. However, we’re not seeing that as a bad thing and we’d like to explain that in detail, a little later on.

If you want our opinion, we feel it’s definitely a headliner because updates like these are a new addition to Android versions that find it hard to run different apps on the computer.

Previously, we were working with Android 11 but now, the update is Android 12.1. But what exactly does that mean? Well, for starters, your computer is going ot have an Android version that is more recent than your own cellphone. And to be honest, we like how that sounds.

At the same time, we’re seeing the new update bringing great advancements to the way different apps link with one another on Windows.

Now, you’ll see pop-up notifications showing more frequently than before from Windows. Similarly, users will be made aware through their taskbar when any particular app gains access to a specific area or even to the microphone.

The company also outlines which apps would be better behaved whenever you make your computer active after a short or long period of being on standby. Therefore, gone are the days where you’d have to wait for them to restart as you can now simply resume from the point where you had left off.

In addition to that, we have more news from Microsoft about how it plans on altering the settings for Windows 11. To be more specific, we’re talking about managing the subsystem aspects of things. Therefore, users will find a much quicker, cleaner, and simple experience when in use.

The tech giant recently spoke about a number of additional improvements such as bettering the way a PC’s camera is used along with how Play Store apps gain access to the system’s camera. This combined with enhanced networking means it will be so much easier to set up your home device via Android Apps running on the PC.

We won’t lie because these all really sound like some major improvements. However, we personally wouldn’t advise users to get going on using the new features yourself.

And that’s because, for starters, it’s only present on the Window’s Dev Channel. Hence, you just might end up getting bugs and computer crashes at a rate that you certainly didn’t expect because this version of Microsoft has already had its fair share of complaints.

The company itself has mentioned how users could face quite a few failures relating to app launches after receiving the new upgrade. But if you ask us, we’re not too surprised. After all, the new Android rollout on smartphones has seen its fair share of disasters recently too.

Now, while the company is working hard to combat these major issues at the nearest date, we sure do hope things get sorted before they go on reaching customers.

Yes, it’s too early to pass judgments on how successful the new venture will be but we’re happy to see Microsoft lend its relentless support to Android through its Windows.

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