Apps On The Google Play Store Are Being Updated With Accessibility Tags To Help Those With Disabilities

With the recent passing of a day that acknowledges those with disabilities worldwide, we saw tech giant Apple come forward with a number of innovative initiatives on how they plan on changing the lives of so many.

From numerous hardware accessories to the latest advancements in its large range of products too, we witnessed Apple do it all. And it’s needless to say that their efforts are highly commendable.

This includes door detection features for the visually impaired to speech typing for those having trouble hearing- the list was endless.

But that doesn’t mean other tech giants like Android are planning on staying far behind.

Recently, the Google Play Store announced its major plans on helping those with disabilities by adding tags to apps that it feels could help those requiring a little extra support or assistance,

The tagging feature would work in such a manner that it would help users know which disability a particular app planned on addressing.

The announcement came on Thursday when Google said the tags would be in the form of (a11y) that would help categorize a particular app with ease as they’re going to be more reader-friendly at first glance.

Common categories included learning disabilities, impairments relating to hearing or seeing, motor assistance, or that were simply there to assist with communication.

Users would soon be able to find the tags underneath the ‘About This’ section where they would be allocated as a chip. And they’ll be interactive as well as after you click on them, you’ll immediately find a number of relevant apps.

The purpose of the innovative tagging system is to provide convenience to those with special needs. And the company says it’s doing just that in two different ways.

For starters, it makes it so much easier to classic apps based on particular users. If you’ve got the transcription app involved, for instance, the chip will clearly show that it has been designed for those that have difficulty in hearing.

Most importantly, it also generally puts general apps in the spotlight that could be accessible to them like certain games. This way, users would know what’s helpful for them.

This truly seems like a major step, if you ask us, especially when it comes down to the Play Store. In other words, it wouldn’t be wrong to say things are going to be revolutionized to add convenience to so many individuals with disabilities.

And while there are only a few apps that have received tags so far, Android is working hard on introducing more apps as well as functionalities.

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