Apple's iPhone 13 Shows Massive Growth in Q1 of 2022 With 51% Market Share in Selected Regions

Apple has taken North America by storm and has shown massive growth in Q1 of 2022 according to a report by Canalys. iPhone is to thank for the 51% market share by the launch of the latest iPhone 13, which captured the attention of half of North America, resulting in 50% of the smartphone shipments. According to Canalys, iPhone had previously shifted its focus on other regions other than North America in Q4 of 2021. However, Apple found it in its best interest to market most of its products back in North America in Q1 of 2022. The reason might be the high demand or explosive interest of the audience.

Along with its massive growth from the iPhone 13, it is also predicted that Apple is yet to see days of happiness and success with the launch of the iPhone SE. Although the latest iPhone is said to lack a little in the mm-Wave technology, it still has high hopes of opening the doors for Android-to-iPhone conversion. This is because Apple declares iPhone SE to be the 'affordable' option for 5G users.

Coming back to the North American growth, the region increased Apple's sales by reaching around 39 million units. Considering this is only the first quarter of the year, it is estimated that Apple will see its highest growth this year. It was also reported that iPhone managed to secure a 49% growth last year with 16.9 million shipments. This only adds to Apple's estimated success compared to this year's growth of only Q1, being 51% growth with 19.9 million shipments.

Furthermore, it was shown that Apple increased in growth by a hefty 19% while Samsung only showed a growth rate of 1%. When comparing, Apple received 51% market shares while Samsung experienced 27% market shares. Although the primary market in the targeted region is iPhone users, Samsung gained its market share due to its newly launched S series and A series devices. Popular and awaited A series devices include A33, A53, and A73.

North America is not only the major focus of Apple, but is a primary target for other brands like Samsung, Lenovo, TCL, and Google as well. The rank of each company varies by its consumer demand; however, North America still manages to be the prime seller spot. The demand for smartphones in the regional industry is a result of heavy discounting and high trade-in values. These marketing tactics add to the increase in supply and demand. The demographic placement of the country also favors it significantly in being the smartphone hub of 2022.

We have yet to see how the iPhone SE is received in the market next year and if North America still manages to be the hot spot in the smartphone industry.

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